Bonus Card Barcode Hack: The All-In-One Card

There’s something about this little shophack that strikes us as very GTD. A Instructables user was sick of carrying several “bonus” cards that had scanable bar codes, so they scanned them into Photoshop, stuck them together, printed them out and made an all-in-one card. So very cool.

You can scan anything with a barcode: Your student ID, Video Store Card, Library Card, etc. One caveat…You might want to use the self-checkout lanes with this baby. We can see the cashiers getting a little freaked out. Thin wallet here we come. —MEGHANN MARCO

Bonus Card Barcode Hack [Instructables]


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  1. Michael says:

    A while ago I tried this with all my store cards, but even including a colorful store logo next to each code and telling the person which section they needed to scan, it always ended up being confusing to the cashier. Plus, in stores where they use a stationary scanner that shoots out several beams in different directions, it’s a pain to cover up the other codes so that only the one needed gets scanned. Ultimately, using one of these often takes longer and is more of a pain than a help.

    For self-checkout, though, it’s awesome. That’s the only time I bother with my supercard anymore.

    Helpful hint: if you have a good printer, and if all the stores you shop at use laser rather than photo scanners, you can print out the barcodes very small and they’ll still scan just fine.

  2. aparsons says:

    I’ve done this with my frequent flyer numbers, hotel rewards numbers, and credit card help numbers (in case a credit card gets stolen). I keep a copy on my laptop and a copy in my wallet. I’ve also added the “Get a Human” sequence next to the company name. So, my credit-card sized cards looks like:

    Hetz 123456 800.555.1212,3,6,1
    US AIR USAIRSUX 800.555.3131,3,1,5

    Mastercard 800.555.8080

    and so on.

  3. Jimmy M says:

    It’s amazing no one has thought of that yet

    Oh wait, yes I did. :P

  4. conedude13 says:

    Everywhere I go that I use the store cards for all have them for the key chain. So I just have my collection on the key chain, no need for whipping out my wallet every time I need to use it.

  5. datruesurfer says:

    IMO, the idea of a customer loyalty card is ridiculous to begin with. Now, if the customer looses the one card, they are screwed even more than just loosing the one card. If companies want to run a loyalty program, the Point of Sale system should either look up an account through from the name on a credit card, or from a phone number if paying by cash.

  6. DanYHKim says:

    I arranged a bunch of cards on the glass bed of a copier. I then cut the sheet into card-size pages and taped them together into a booklet. The total booklet was about the thickness of one card.

  7. HeartBurnKid says:

    Not a bad idea, but not really worth the time for me. I only have 3 club cards (Ralphs, Albertsons, and Vons), and the Vons one is a magstripe, not a barcode. So I’d only be reducing my card count by one.

  8. buddhaboy says:

    I have found out some of the tricks Jewel Osco code is (4773xxxxxxx) the x’s can be any number. This will give you customer discount. I also sign up under assumed names. My favorite is Anaan Imus :) I also photocopy the barcodes and tape them to the back of my license etc.

  9. LatherRinseRepeat says:

    Seems like a waste of time. I never carry my loyalty cards. Whenever I sign up for these things, I just use a fake address that isn’t too obvious. For the phone number, I just enter the number of the local movie theatre. So when it’s time to check out, I just tell the cashier I don’t have my card. Then the cashier instructs me to enter my phone number. I enter the movie theatre number, and I get my discount. Easy cheezy.

    Also, if you’re using fake info.. don’t ever use your credit card or ATM card. They will link your loyalty card ID to your credit card. Now they’ll have your real address, and will start sending you all sorts of junk mail. And resell your info to other marketing companies.

  10. RandomHookup says:

    Sounds great in theory, but is a major pain in the butt when the self-scanner picks up the wrong card (which will happen if you don’t have a way to cover up the other barcodes). My grocery scanners lock up and require assistance if they pick up the wrong card on my key chain.

  11. katana says:

    I’ve been thinking about doing this for ages, but explaining to every cashier that you’re not trying to screw them seems like a pain in the ass. Cool, in theory, though.

  12. jarhead says:

    Idea… why not scan them in and then print yourself a PocketMod

  13. jarhead says:

    Sorry… PocketMod @

  14. Poster99 says:

    I’ve been doing something simlar for years, however I’ve copied two most used card, and placed them on the bottom corners of my most used credit card. This way everything is on the same card I use to check out and there’s no need to carry the bulky cards.

  15. Poster99 says:

    I’ve been doing something similar for years, however I’ve copied two most used card, and placed them on the bottom corners of my most used credit card. This way everything is on the same card I use to check out and there’s no need to carry the bulky cards.

  16. karmaghost says:

    This shouldn’t really freak any cashiers out, at least, not the ones from the store I work at. Any time the computer recognizes that you’ve scanned a card from the wrong store, it says just that; “Wrong Store.”

  17. 3dogs says:

    This is far better than actually carrying all those cards, but:

    1. Your phone number works just as well, either imput into the keypad or told the the cashier;
    2. For those cards that arn’t tied to a phone number, I’m scanning them, my library card for example, into my phone so I don’t have to carry any cards.

  18. keronian says:

    I would think the biggest problem would be making sure the scanner reads the correct barcode… So, as a suggested solution, why not make a masking sleeve for it? Basically, have a wraparound doohickey that covers up everything except one barcode, open on the top and bottom so you can slide it up and down and expose the barcode you want.

    But, yeah, my stupid Safeway card uses a mag-stripe, and I only use one other one regularly.

  19. not_seth_brundle says:

    I try to keep the number of cards I carry to a bare minimum, so I just keep a page in my Filofax (yeah, I’m old-school) with all the card numbers scribbled on it. My Borders number, REI membership number, frequent flyer numbers, etc., can all be read to a cashier or entered on a website.

  20. infmom says:

    I haven’t carried around any of those grocery store cards for years. Why? Because the card scanner at the store lets you press a button to select “store card,” type in your phone number and press enter. That pulls up your information.

    Check your local store and see if they have that system. Then you don’t need all those keychain gizmos, printouts or full size cards any more.

    Unless you can’t remember your phone number, of course.

  21. glenside says:

    I use a bar code font to print them instead of scanning the image and printing. The barcodes come out crisper and work better.

    I made up my own ID for Bally’s Fitness because I use two different gym bags and they wanted $25 for a second card.

  22. PinnyCohen says:

    This is great. Someone should open a business to offer this service!

  23. witeowl says:

    If anyone ever comes up with a way to scan in and carry around all these barcodes on my pda-phone (and have them work), I’ll have a geekgasm.