Toyota to Recall 553,000 Trucks, SUVs

From CNN Money:

    Toyota Motor Corp. plans to recall about 533,000 Sequoia SUVs and Tundra pickup trucks in the United States to repair faulty components that could make the vehicles difficult to steer….The latest recall covers certain 2004 to 2007 model year Sequoias and 2004 to 2006 model year Tundras, both built at Toyota’s Indiana plant, the automaker’s U.S. sales unit said in a statement.

The defect has caused 11 accidents and 6 injuries, Toyota said. They’ll begin notifying owners in Mid-February and will repair the “defective front suspension lower ball joints free of charge.”—MEGHANN MARCO

Toyota to recall 533,000 SUVs, trucks [CNN Money]


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  1. Smoots Love Cruise says:

    wait I thought Toyota are always perfect

  2. guroth says:

    Toyota makes good on their mistakes.
    I had a loud rattling problem with my 2003 Camry, took it in to a shop they looked it over and said it was part of the intake manifold, would have been around 400-500 bucks after labor to fix it but the guy informed me that if I took it to a Toyota dealership they would fix it for free since it was a common problem.

    Sure enough I took it to a Toyota shop and they fixed it up completely free.