Use Your DirecTV Remote To Power XBOX 360

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Step 2) Press 991, then press 2. Now, press Power.

Instructables has a “hack” showing us how to program a DirecTV universal remote to power an XBOX360, thus saving us from purchasing an XBOX 360 remote. More importantly, this technique proves that one can use a universal remote to run the XBOX, something that had never occurred to us before. Perhaps we are dumb. Anyway, this turns the XBOX 360 into a very nice DVD player. We did this to our XBOX, and it was, quote, “Sweet!”

    Step 1) Switch the DirecTV remote to av1. Point the remote away from your receiver. Press and hold the select and mute buttons until the light above the av1 switch blinks twice.

    Step 2) Press 991, then press 2. Now, press Power.

    Step 3) Press Channel Up 35-40 times, pausing between each press. The light above av1 should go on every time you press it.

    Step 4) When your XBOX 360 turns on, you’ve found the right code. Immediately press Select. You’re done!


Use DirecTV Remote With XBOX 360 [Instructables]

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