Scooba Fears The Consumerist

Jennifer invokes the name of The Consumerist when Scooba customer service starts back talking, and gets ’em to bend over like lil’ robo bitches.

    “Those assholes left me on hold for more than forty minutes with the worst possible recordings, so I was already pretty steamed when they picked up. So after going through every possible step in their script the damn thing still wouldn’t operate, so they asked me to send it back for a replacement. I ask her if she needs my email for the shipping label and she gets real quiet for a moment, and says “we don’t do that…” So I ask her if they’re going to compensate me for the shipping -after all, it is their defect, right? She tells me, oh, yes, we’ll send you coupons for scooba soap as compensation.”

Oh no she didn’t! What happened next?

Jennifer continues:

    “Which would be great if I wanted eighteen dollars worth of overpriced soap (it’s just surfactant, and you can use vinegar instead), but I don’t. So I remind her (not so politely) that the thing weighs like forty pounds, and that it’s their responsibility, and they have to pay for the shipping. She puts me on hold for a moment, comes back, we can’t do that, we don;’t do that. So I decided fuck it, it’s worth a try, and I told her- “You guys sold me a defective robot, and if I don’t get a shipping label, I’m going to write it up for the Consumerist, and it’s going to be everywhere,” really laid it on thick- and she puts me on hold for about two seconds before getting on and saying “we’re sending a label, you should have it within two weeks,” and then just starts laying on the “have a wonderful day” stuff. You gotta love it.”

To be fair, it was probably the tirade surrounding the use of The Consumerist that compelled Scooba to bend more so than the mighty power of our name, but hey, we’ll take it where we can get it. — BEN POPKEN