Escada Perfume Flogs, OMG

Escada’s new fragrance has a fake reality show to go along with it, and our tipster sends along some flogs being written “as” the characters in the fake reality show. Can’t wait to read the online ramblings of three “young, rich, beautiful women” and the “striking soft-hearted artist and the heir to his family’s fortune,” that Escada just happened to send on vacation so they could film it? You’re in luck.

Eva: “Anyway, this being Not Vogue, none of us had eaten anything that day, so the equation went like this: three women drinking. each a size two. zero calories consumed before the wine. And that equals, totally trashed in about fifteen minutes.”

Jenny: “Tonight Sebastian took me out for “an apology dinner” at Butter. It’s so not my scene but the steak is incredible, and he was all impressed that a girl could take down an entire filet. I was like, hell yeah, eating is almost as much fun as shopping. “

Sophia: “In the meantime, we texted Sebastia, who must have been drunk because he came by Beatrice and started talking to us about art and The Trascendentalists. I was like, okay, The Transcendentalists must be a band, right? “

Sebastian: “last night Sophia asked what Transcendentalist meant and now I’m pretty sure we can’t date, ever.”

Omg, tragic. —MEGHANN MARCO