Lawsuit: Martha Stewart Dishes Not Microwave Safe

Sure, Martha looks happy in this picture from her website, but secretly she’s upset about her sucky dishes. Reader David sends us a link to a new class action lawsuit, this one is against Martha Stewart Omnimedia:

    A class action lawsuit has been filed against the homemaking queen alleging a dinnerware line is not microwave safe. The lawsuit was filed in Spokane Superior Court and claims Martha Stewart’s dinnerware gets extremely hot if used in a microwave and can cause burns to skin and table tops. Food remains cold, the drink remains cold, and the dinnerware gets blazing hot. The case allegedly uncovered internal documents that show Stewart’s company knew about the overheating problem just months after they were put on K-Mart shelves but kept the product out there.

Ooooh, internal documents! Holy crap, we want a Martha Stewart whistle blower of our very own. We are so jealous. —MEGHANN MARCO

Martha Stewart Lawsuit Summary [Lawyers and Settlements]

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