Unused Gift Cards Profit Retailers By $4.8 Billion

Six percent of this year’s gift cards will go unused, netting retailers $4.8 billion in free money, the AP reports.

Gas and supermarket gift cards, however, have close to a 100% use rate.

What can we say? Gift cards aren’t for slothful recipients. — BEN POPKEN

Retailers profit from unused gift cards [AP] (Thanks to dohtem!)


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  1. I wonder if that also includes the partially used ones, with a number of cents remaining left on the card.

  2. YoshidaSauce says:

    What an absurdly staggering number. How lazy can people get?

  3. RandomHookup says:

    Well, it’s probably comparable to the amount of cash stuck between the pillows of our couches.

    Plus, it’s amazing how many people lose these things…I’ve found over $200 on abandoned gift cards.

  4. pestie says:

    I can see how this can happen. I just shredded a pre-paid AMEX card that had under $2.00 left on it. What could I possibly do with that amount? Nothing worth the hassle of carrying the card around.