Home Depot Improvement Scams Father Of 2 Premature Babies

Don MacAskill (pictured) is sitting in an unfinished $130,000 kitchen with two prematurely born babies. Home Depot said the kitchen would be done 9 months ago by Owens Corning HOMExperts . The home improvement store assured him that, “being a large corporation, they would have lots of control and organization around the project, and the contractors would be incentivized to finish the job quickly and thoroughly.”

Don, CEO of photo-sharing site SmugMug, blogs,

    “About once a month, if I’m very lucky, some contractor from Owens Corning HOMExperts comes over for an hour or two and screws a few things together. They came yesterday, for example, and tried to finish a few projects. Of course, what they ended up accomplishing was zero, and actually managed to damage some stuff…”

Calls to HomeDepot and Owens Corning go unanswered and so Don opened a BBB case…

A commenter on Don’s blog post advises calling the Home Depot Atlanta Store Support Center at 770-433-8211, pressing zero, sneaking through the IVR maze, and asking the operator for the President of Home Expo, and, “If all else fails, ask to speak to Big Bob (Bob Nardelli) himself.”

While we have a partial inclination to say mean things about people who can afford $130,000 kitchens, Home Depot is the far greater evil. Then again, if you can spend $130 k on a kitchen remodeling, you can go with a higher grade contractor than one offered by Home Depot. Ask a friend with a $130,000 kitchen where he got his work done. — BEN POPKEN

Worst. Service. Ever: Home Depot & HOMExperts [SmugBlog]

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