Nokia, Cingular to Try Mastercard Test in NYC

Good news for those of you who don’t fear ID theft. Nokia, Cingular, Mastercard and Citi are testing some crap that lets you pay for things with a cell phone. The phones will use the “Mastercard Pay Pass” system that’s already installed in some stores. If you live in NYC and are accepted into the trial, you get a free phone. You need to be a Citi account holder and a Cingular user. Let us know how you like it and if your ID gets stolen. Good luck. —MEGHANN MARCO

Nokia, Cingular To Try MasterCard Phones in NYC [Gear Log]
NYC Mobile Trial Sign Up, If You Dare…


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  1. RumorsDaily says:

    I really don’t fear having my identity stolen, and yet I have no interest in this technology. For the time being I’d rather pay for things with my wallet. Maybe in the magic future, things will be different. For now, I’m more likely to have cash or credit cards handy than I am a telephone.

  2. ndavies says:

    I think it’s reasonable to assume that registered participants of a limited trial are going to be the least likely to get their identities thieved, at least while it’s still being tested. It’d be like bear hunting at the zoo.

  3. Jesse in Japan says:

    This technology has been around for a while in Japan. Though, to the best of my knowledge, it hasn’t really caught on that much.

  4. Jesse in Japan, beat me to the punch, but yeah…old news for the rest of the world…

  5. Brian Chow says:


    This technology has also been around in Hong Kong. It’s called the Octopus system because you can use it for transportation, convenience stores, vending machines, supermarkets, and even insurance.

    You can also buy watches with the embedded RFID chip.

    There isn’t a lot of consumer protection if you lose the card, but there are spending and loading limits to reduce the loss.