Best Buy Profiles Customers

Best Buy drills its salespeople to size up incoming customers, label based on type, and sell accordingly. This news is two years old but is new to us. Here’s the breakdown:

    Angels – Buy new, marked up products, without waiting for markdowns.
    Devils – Use rebates, stock up on loss-leaders and flip on eBay, use unfair internet knowledge to exploit BB’s lowest-price guarantee.
    Barrys – Upper-income and family men. Sell them action movies and cameras.
    Jills – Cluless suburban women. Short on time but you can hook ’em if you talk about how good a product will be for “the family.”
    Buzzes – Early adopters, buyers and showoffers of the latest gadgets.

What’s the secret category for people who never buy anything from Best Buy, preferring to mock it from afar? — BEN POPKEN

Analyzing Customers, Best Buy Decides Not All Are Welcome [WSJ] (free link!)