Time Warner Cable Customer Service Staffed By Crackheads

Jorge writes in about trying to get Time Warner Cable to not charge him for service he already canceled.

After he explained his plight, the first rep pretended to credit Jorge, and then pretended his computer went down. The next rep Jorge called demanded Jorge return his cable box and chastised him for stealing cable, even though Jorge had already returned the box months ago.

We suggest he call Time Warner Cable Executive Customer Service at 203-328-4017 which seems to be staffed by people not addicted to smoking freebased cocaine.

Jorge’s letter, inside… — BEN POPKEN

Jorge writes:

    “I have Time Warner’s new Internet Service and it’s always going down. I can’t stay online for more than an hour at a time without having service interruptions. But that’s something that I’ve learned to deal with.

    My major gripe with them is that they are charging me for Basic Cable Television service that I don’t have. I used to have it and it was canceled 2 months ago because I switched to a satellite provider and had no need for Cable. So I figured my last months bill was to cover the service from the previous month so I paid it.

    Then this months bill comes in the mail and it’s a whopping $72! After examining the bill closely, I realized that their bill says that all services are paid in advance, so the next billing cycle is for Dec. 11th through Jan 10th.

    After reading this I immediately called them and tried to get out of paying for a service that I canceled two months ago. Customer Service Rep #1 was cool and calm and told me that it would be taken care of and I didn’t have to pay for the extra $30 in charges because I would be essentially canceling my service today and won’t be using the cable services for the next month. (since it’s paid in advance).

    Then things went awry: The rep said , “I’m sorry sir, my system just went down, but don’t worry I’ll make sure to cancel your cable so that you don’t have to pay for television services that you don’t use.” So that was that….

    But I got worried. So I then went to my phone and called back 2 hours later. I got another representative after dodging all the automated responses that plague call centers today, and the rep said that the cable was never canceled, and that the system has never gone down at their location. She then told me that I had to return a cable box and remote control before they could cancel my cable television services. I explained to her that I didn’t have a box or a controller since I canceled the service nearly two months ago, and that I’ve been paying only because I thought they were charging me for the final month of television services.

    She then got angry or something, because her voice began to grow louder as she said “I can’t help you Sir, please return the box and we can cancel your cable services.” I then replied nicely that I didn’t have a box or controller since all that was given back upon canceling two months ago. She then got louder, and told me that I would be charged until I returned it, even if I didn’t have the cable service working on my television whatsoever. Furthermore they would cancel my internet and send me to collections if I decided not to pay the amount due in full.

    I told her that i had no box, and after being yelled at about the severity of stealing cable equipment she said that she was a supervisor (amazing how they change status so quickly) and that I have to figure out how to find a cable box and return it or face the consequences of paying for the equipment out of pocket.

    Mind you, I returned all the equipment 2 months ago upon receiving satellite service, and canceling the television portion of my services with Time Warner.

    So they hung up on me after yelling a lot, and I am stuck with a bill that I don’t want to pay since I have satellite!

    This is the second time Time Warner treats me in this fashion. The first time was when trying to get the internet installed the technician didn’t know how to configure it and spent 3 hours at my house reading the manual while I watched a WWE DVD.

    So there you have it, my gripe with Time Warner as of today.

    I don’t want to pay, but I don’t want to lose my internet service either, but something tells me I’m going to bite the bullet somehow.

    loyal reader,

    Jorge O.
    Santa Monica, Ca”

UPDATE: Jorge writes again:

    “I went over to their offices and talked to their clerk, they found the box canceled the cable, but at this point won’t refund anything.


    I’m going to see what I can do, because my wife is home now and I’m getting the third degree over having to pay for it.”

UPDATE: 12/12/06

    “After returning my box yesterday, and having them print me out a receipt for it. I call up today to make sure that next month’s bill will NOT have cable television services on them. The lady said that they can not cancel cable television services over the phone, even after returning the box. They said that they need to schedule a technician to come out and cancel the cable.

    This is exactly the opposite of what I was told yesterday.

    So now, tomorrow a technician is coming out to cancel my cable, and the representative said that next months bill will show the changes.


    My internet service has mysteriously been shut off. I’m now “borrowing” someone’s signal, because mine is no longer available.

    This is the worst company I’ve ever dealt with, and I’ve dealt with some bad ones.

    So I hope tomorrow it gets settled and I’m not charged “in advance” for another month of service that I don’t use at all.

    -sir Jorge”


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  1. I hate TWC and Comcast. I rather pay extra satellite Internet than pay a red cent to those assclowns.

  2. cryrevolution says:

    Gah…I HATE Time Warner Cable with a passion. Seriously. I had their Roadrunner BS about a year ago, and it would go down every single day. Every other page wouldn’t load and right before I cancelled my service, my internet went down for atleast a week and a half, for no apparent reason at all. Thankfully there was another internet provider that serviced my area and I cancelled. But not before I had to endure Time Warners torture. Never again, never again.

  3. bluwapadoo says:

    I moved out of a TW area a little over a year ago, in August. Much to my surprise, I got a collection notice a few months after moving from an agency claiming I owed TW money.

    This was bullshit so I gave them I call, I asked what was up. They said that I didn’t turn in my internet modem and I also owed them for a month of cable. First of all, I turned in my modem. It was literally the last thing I did before I left town. Even the guy said there is a record of me turning it in. Then I pointed out that cable was free at the apartment complex we were living in (we only payed for the modem) so there was no way I owed them money.

    He agreed and got the charges waived. They sent me a letter confirming it. But I couldn’t believe that their system was so messed up.

  4. Sir Winston Thriller says:

    I thought Adelphia was bad, but “Coma-cast”….

    This weekend, the Montreal French station goes black on the cable. I figure it might be the windstorm. Monday, still black. I call Comcast and instead of checking with the local office, the CSR has to schedule a local service call (with me home) so that Comcast can verify it and fix it.

    This morning I stopped at the Comcast office on the way to work and told the woman at the CS desk. She switched to channel 22 and said “You’re right, it is off.” Ten minutes later a tech had reset something and it was back on cable. Oh–they had no record of my call there, but there was a service call scheduled to do a check of my installation.

    How they heck can they run a company that way???

  5. Zagroseckt says:

    Cox cable. i wont go into it but lets say i paid more to get satelite installed and full upfront cost for equipment than the while bill they pushed on us after katrina left us out of town for 4 months with no way to contact a “local” branch …
    I am happly using hughsnet :) wewll sudo happy the download cap can hit ya sometimes :p

  6. stopthegears says:

    Here is my letter to Time Warner. I still haven’t been called back after asking for a Supervisor to call me 4 times now.


    On Wednesday, November 29 I called to cancel my digital phone service as I rarely use it and have a cell phone. The customer service agent advised me that it was turned off and someone would come out and disconnect it at the street.

    On the evening of Wednesday, December 6th I arrived home and all of my services were turned off. No cable. No internet. I called customer service expecting that the technician incorrectly disconnected all services as this has happened 2 times in the past-once while turning on a neighbor’s Road Runner service and once when adding phone service.

    The customer service line was busy as is often the case. After considerable wait, I was added to the hold queue. The message advised me that my wait time was between 12-14 minutes. In reality it was a full hour. I explained the issue to the agent and she told me that my cable modem (VOIP) should have been replaced and the other agent I spoke with on the 29th should have told me that and scheduled it to be replaced. She also mentioned that she couldn’t see my cable box on the network. She told me it would take her about 15 minutes to track down if they shut my service off that day and that she would call me back within 15 minutes. She never called me back.

    Thursday, December 7th I called from work and waited 25 minutes to get a customer service agent. I asked to speak to a supervisor and after holding for 5 minutes I heard a fast busy signal. I was disconnected and extremely frustrated. At this point I drafted an email asking for a call back from anyone that could help me. I called back again, this time getting the retention department as they were the only ones answering phones. I was transferred to a supervisor. He advised me that he could see a work order for Friday, December 8th to fix the mistake from Wednesday the 6th. I asked if I would need to be home in order to get this resolved and I also asked about replacing my cable modem since that is what the customer service agent suggested on the 6th. He stated that there would be no reason to replace my cable modem and that I would not need to be home since the technician was to merely undo the mistake at the pole.

    Friday, December 8th. While at work I received a voice mail from the technician. He stated that he is sorry he missed me and I would have to call customer service if I still have any issues with my cable and internet access. When I arrived no services were functioning. I called customer service again. This time I waited 1 hour and 15 minutes. I spoke to a friendly and helpful customer service representative, Nokia. After explaining the situation, she told me someone would have to come back out and I would need to be there. She stated that the earliest available service would be on Sunday the 10th but she was going to ask for a Saturday morning push up since this was such a colossal domino effect of mistakes on Time Warner’s part. She told me she would call me between 11 AM and 1 PM on Saturday the 9th to check on my service and notify me of what time someone would be at my home if the morning visit couldn’t happen.

    Saturday, December 9th. Once again I waited and no one ever shows up or calls. At 3:30 p.m. I called customer service again and explained everything once again. This rep was able to get in touch with Nokia and she told me I would get a call back within 30 minutes. Nokia called me about 30 minutes later and explained there was no possible was to have someone out on saturday and someone could be out between 3 p.m.-6 p.m. on Sunday the 10th. I said ok.

    Sunday, December 10th. I get a call at 11:30 a.m. from the technician, he is in front of my house. I walked out to the access point with him and sure enough my cable was completely unhooked and capped. It took him 1 minute to reconnect it and everything was back on.

    I don’t understand why my service was disconnected in the first place. I have never been late on a bill. I don’t understand why the technician that was here friday didn’t even look to see if it was connected. I don’t know why I was never called back.

  7. GoToDish says:

    I know why you were never called back. As a former TW employee who recently quit, it was a result of under trained, ignorant people and a desperate attempt on TW’s part to fill positions due to Adelphia employees leaving. I was hired in July under written notice that we would be in four weeks of in class training and two weeks of nesting (side by side training on the phones with tenured employees). What my class recieved was one week of half assed training by one trainer who was leaving and the second trainer was amazed at what we DIDN’T learn and crammed two weeks into one. Bottom line, we were thrown onto the phones in two weeks and two days, basically set up to fail. The choices left were to either ask for the training you felt you needed and be marked a ‘problem, not qualified employee, or sit there day in and day out and get the exact type of service you experinced, and that is to BS the customer into believing the problem has been resolved. I’ve been in customer service for years and years and happen to be one of the few who took pride in what I did. Unfortunatly TW wouldn’t allow me to do that. They prefer the BS’rs in order to by time. Considering the major transition within Time Warner/Adelphia/Comcast, many of us felt that not even four weeks in class training would have been adaqute enough in order to make up to valued customers legitimate complaints. I fought hard to retain my position in order to give all of you the service you rightly deserved, but nothing gave me more pleasure than to get a customer who had been struggling, just like you, and I resolved her problem in a timely manner, recieved her gratitude and simply unplugged my phone in the middle of the day, packed up my desk and said Adios. I am currently employed, making much better money, but most importantly, I’m building a customer base I am proud of and providing people with what the honestly deserve.

    Simi Valley

    PS.. The first poster pretty much has the Crackhead point accurate.

  8. silasoo says:

    The only way to get individual companies to listen is to BOYCOTT their services. I don’t care which one we start with. Pick one, we will move down the line. Lets start with Time Warner, my carrier. Starting in Feb. everyone cancel their services for 30 days. As soon as the other companies see we are organized they will fear our Boycott.


  9. RMBatenburg says:

    It’s frustrating to get that type of response from a customer service representative. I really see two problems here. First is that part of customer service is handling customer complaints in a well-mannered and helpful way. From the sounds of this experience, the representative was not only unhelpful and misinformed, they were unfriendly as well. Second, and I think this really gets to the heart of the problem with customer service particularly in the cable industry, is that the infrastructure is inadequate to properly handle and process the number of clients served. In a nutshell, if the information were properly recorded in the first place, there wouldn’t be a need for a customer service rep. It seems the cable folks have it backwards – investing time and money into a customer service department that wouldn’t need to be so beefed up if their systems were integrated to reduce the amount of mistakes made.

  10. MSJUICY869 says:

    YYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY did they deduct money from my account twice?!? for $291.91 each then tell me I have to wait 5-7 days to get my money back? Have they not heard of Errors & Omission claims? These mf’s are stupid! I hate TWC, at least with comcast they gave me vasilene before they fk’d me! I never had a problem with Comcast, I WANT MY COMCAST CABLE & CUSTOMER SERVICE BACK!!!!!!!!!!!! :'(

  11. burgerdog says:

    Im on hold w/ Time Warner right now. It’s 10pm, but i’ve been on hold for 20 minutes. That many people calling right now?

    I just got the service a week ago and im already thinking about cancelling it.

  12. cablewarner says:

    i’ve had tw cable for 5 years and have had problems with interference since i started. the picture will scramble with little squares and the sound will drop out for 1/2 a second or longer. i tried customer service and they were no help. since they are the only cable in town, i am stuck

  13. LemmyCaution says:

    I just found this thread – I’m an IT security professional with TW internet and cable. One of the first things that was drilled into my thick skull was “If there is the slightest chance of an interruption because of the work you are doing, call or email your client and explain the situation to them”
    So far, I’ve lost all Internet for 5 days plus random outages, email for a weekend plus occasional outages and never once did these idiots suggest there might be problems with the service. Now, I can’t access OnDemand Premium material – mostly HBO series – Sopranos, Big Love etc.

    What a lame excuse for service. As soon as FIOS comes to my neighborhood, I’ll shed TW like a cheap suit.

    These jackasses acquired my account and my years of goodwill. Comcast wasn’t great but compared to TW they were golden – in the land of the blind, the man with one eye is king.

  14. upsetintexas says:

    March 15, 2007

    Public Utility Commission of Texas
    Office of Customer Protection
    P.O. Box 13326
    Austin, TX 78711-3326

    Dear Sir or Madam:

    I am writing to you to request your assistance in resolving an ongoing dispute that I have with my cable, phone and internet provider, Time Warner Cable. This dispute concerns an incorrect application of payment that Time Warner Cable performed with a payment that I made to one of my telephone accounts. On November 14, 2006 I paid Time Warner Cable $81.01 for the balanced owed on my phone number 817-xxx-xxxx. I specifically requested that this payment be applied to that phone number; however, their phone representative applied the payment to my other phone number 817-ooo-oooo. In addition to incorrectly applying this payment to the incorrect account he also only charged my card for $81.01 (the amount owed was $81.08).

    When I received my next statement it was apparent that the payment had been misapplied so I contacted Time Warner Cable assuming that this would be easily corrected. This assumption, however, would prove to be far from the truth. I called Time Warner Cable December 20, 2006 and was informed that the issue of the payment being misapplied to another account was my fault for not clarifying the account number of the phone bill. I replied that the person I spoke with on 11/14/2006 only asked for my phone number and never mentioned an account number. After spending far too much time debating this I was provided with case #263250 and told that it would take 2-3 weeks, but that they would not guarantee that anything could be done. I have visited one of their payment centers in an attempt to resolve this mess (about 20 miles from my home). I have called Time Warner Cable December 20, 2006, January 12, 2007, February 12, 2007 and on other dates that I have not documented. With each phone call I am asked to verify my name, address, phone number and social security number. Each person that I speak with ultimately informs me that there is nothing that they can do and I am transferred to another person. I have asked for them to at least forward all the inane screening info to the next lack-of-customer-service-representative, but with each call I have to go through the entire scenario again. With each call I speak with from three for five people and always end up frustrated because they refuse to correct their error.

    The reason that I need to have this amount corrected by Time Warner Cable is that the 817-xxx-xxxx phone number is for my residence which I pay from my personal checking account. The phone number 817-ooo-oooo is used for business purposes (long distance and fax) and is paid by my employer with a company credit card. I am required to reconcile my expenses with my employer and I cannot ask them to pay this amount a second time.

    During one of my last attempts to resolve this now-comical situation I was informed that the disputed amount would eventually go to collections which could result in a negative entry to my credit history and discontinuance of my phone service.
    I feel that this is an extremely simple situation. Here is my side of the story:

    • Time Warner Cable accepted my good faith payment (albeit in an incorrect amount).
    • Applied it to the wrong account (against my specific request).
    • Refuses to correct their error.
    • Cannot provide a person with whom I can discuss this situation to a resolution and,
    • Threatens to blacken my credit and discontinue my phone service.

    It would be such a simple thing to transfer my paid-in-good-faith money to the proper account and get things back to normal. Unfortunately, with the multitude of times that I have spoken with countless Time Warner Cable employees they remain unwilling or unable to grant this simple request for them to correct their mistake.

    I have given up speaking directly to Time Warner Cable as it is obviously a waste of my time and no one cares enough to see case #263250 to a conclusion. I am hoping that you may be able to communicate with Time Warner Cable to encourage them to conclude this madness and just transfer the money to the appropriate account.

    FYI, if you do call them they typically end the conversation with, “And thank you for choosing Time Warner Cable”. That one always makes me laugh. They bought out Comcast … a company that I had for years and never had any type of problem. Being a Time Warner Cable customer was not a matter of choice … I was forced to use their service and, given an option, would switch in a heartbeat.

    My apologies if I sound a bit perturbed, but I pay my Time Warner Cable bills (two phone bills, cable and internet) on time and don’t feed that I should be treated in this manner.


    William F. Maybury


    Pc: Time Warner Cable
    P.O. Box 4200
    Brownsville, TX 78523-8472

  15. guymandude says:

    Look people… it’s perfectly simple. If a company sends you an improper demand for money through the United States Postal Service that is federal mail fraud. It isn’t sexy but you will get the attention of the company. Record your phone calls if the jurisdiction you are in allows that. Don’t take your box back… mail it back certified return receipt. Dont freak out.. just go to the federal court house, (I think you can do it remotely) fill out the necessary papers and wait until the company gets served/summoned. THEN! you will get action. Make them compensate you for your time as well. Just be patient. It will be you who gets the last laugh.

  16. iDuckie says:

    Time Warner has definitely gone the wayward side lately. I’ve never had a problem with them until about 2 1/2 months ago when my RR would drop throughout the day. I would leave IRC running, and I’d come home to see I had been disconnected 12 times (or more) within an 8 hour period. I called several times, was told there was no issue and no packet data loss and that it was my router’s fault (even though it started BEFORE I added the router to the mix.) I swapped out my modem, was fine for a week, then it started happening, AGAIN. Wrote a calm, but stern letter to their CS, and was called that day and told “Oh, there had been an issue in your area.” Magically, it had been fixed. It’s started up again, but this time, not as bad, and not when I’m at home.

    With TW, you have to play rough to get their attention. They respond to threats very well, as I threatened to leave them for at&t or comcast in my email to them. Keep at it, sites like this are a great place to start!

  17. brebelg says:

    This is my recent letter to Time Warner…

  18. brebelg says:

    A recent communication to TWC:
    I have never experienced anything so reprehensible as your service. I was going to get your Internet and Phone, but now you need to remove the Internet from my account (you never showed up for your phone appt, nor did you call- scheduled for 6/25.) An installer came to my home at 9pm on a Saturday night and installed a DVR, but said he did not have the right equipment to install my Internet that he would have to come back. He made arrangements to come back the following night, but did not show. He then came two nights later and installed two SMC and one Ambit piece of equipment. My Internet has never worked through your equipment. I am going to keep my Verizon online, as I have received excellent customer service from them, even when I was having trouble with my computer, the customer service team was kind enough to help me. When I called for help with your Internet service I talked to a woman who kept saying I must have bought the equipment myself (the SMC items,) which of course I did not! She gave me a number to SMC and said I would have to get help from them, even though I have been paying you for Internet that does not work. I asked to speak to a manager, was told I would receive a call back- that of course did not happen either. Of course at this point I am not surprised as clearly your company does not view customer service as important. Please refund any and all monies associated with the Internet service that never worked. I will continue to use the Cable TV service as I feel like I have no other choice- if there were one though I would not be using your company. Time Warner does not care about its customers!

  19. sammy21 says:

    I am loving this sight. I absolutely HATE Time Warner Cable. I have been a customer for almost a year and cannot believe how they treat their customers. It took over a month from my original appointment date to even get a technician to show up and connect my service. Then it stopped working twice for no reason. I cannot tell you how many hours of my life I will never get back because of being on hold with them. But my last experience with them is the icing on the cake. I actually had an appointment for a technician to come switch out my single tuner box for a DVR box. I was home hours before my appointment time of 3-5 pm. At 3:30 I was sitting in my front window and saw the TW van pull up. I was so excited that they had actually shown up this time. The “technician” got out of the van walked up to my door. Then I saw him turn around get back in the van and drive away. I thought that it was weird but I figured maybe he forgot the box or that there was some other reasonable explanation. So after twenty minutes when he did not return I opened my front door to find the note that said I was not there for my appointment and I would have to call TW to reschedule. The anger I felt at that moment was almost uncontrollable! When I did call them to share my anger they, in so many words, called me a liar. I want to boycott of cancel service but like many of you I don’t have any other choice. Something has to be done about this company. I don’t know about anyone else but I feel totally helpless.

  20. wyldmagyc says:

    I used to be employed by TW callcenter, and was fired for helping too many customers.

    We are officially trained that it is not how many customers you can help, it is how many calls you can take in a day. That is how the call centers gets to bill out its time back to TW.

    When we say we are going to transfer you, we are really dropping you back in the queue, which we can see usually has a hold time of 30-90 mins.

    This way, it counts as you calling back and all you will get is another CSR that has no idea that you just talk to someone.

    There are a few call centers per company, so it is possible that one site can go down and another is stable.

    We lose too much money for giving credits when asked, as there is a list printed to all of our team leaders, and then the general manager. If we give too many credits then we get reprimanded.

    That is the call center side of things.

    The following is the technical side of things. I was using my call center job to pay my way through university as a computer/network technician (CCNP) and discovered that ALL american companies like to buy mass amounts of low quality hardware that run their networks. They then maximize the amout of people (with out proper load balancing) to make the maximum amount of profit over cost as possible.

    They call center’s job is to keep all customers (never cancel the account), and the tech side is to install as many faulty internet connections as possible.

    There are people that will swear by the stability of the cable services, but if you look at their geographic location, there are very few people actually signed up for the service. Therefore the bandwidth can never reach its maximum. This means stable service.

    Furthermore, the cable companies also purchase a very small amount of routable IPv4 addresses. There are many customers who believe that their address is static (the customer is wrong). It costs too much money for everyone to have a static IP. This causes many conflicts. What you end up with it computers fighting over the right to connect to the internet through the same routable address (not allowed by technology).

    This is easily fixed by the primitive proxy server (secondary shared connection (lots of lag)) or a more advance route IPv6. IPv6 is proven to work, but this means the companies would have to hire technicians that have a clue(not likely) and purchase a new round of equipment (lots more money, so even less likely).

    Until these issues get resolved, the USA will remain at the bottom of customer driven high speed internet.

    For more info, please feel free to contact me at wyldmagyc@hotmail.com

  21. BugMeNot2 says:

    this is just pure racism

    you should all be ashamed and get a life

  22. Anonymous says:

    Time Warner Company is simply a SCAM. They are a complete fraud, in addition to having the absolute worst customer service we have ever experience.

    1. They have ridiculous hold times. We were on hold for 50 minutes today. We were on hold for 20 minutes before we got to a rep and then another 30 minutes for the rep to keep putting us on hold, telling us he doesn’t know what the problem is, coming back online, repeating what we had told him like a robot, putting us on hold again without even giving us a chance to speak and we finally had to hang up after 50 mintues of hold and getting nowhere with their customer service.

    2. Time Warner Cable is a complete fraud and scam. They have been advertising their “Thank you 1 cent movies” for the Valentine’s weekend for a few weeks now. So we were looking forward to watching some movies. The bill was paid on the 13th online, no problems at all, we even paid $3.99 to watch a movie on demand after we paid and there were no problems.

    Now, all of a sudden, after watching 2 1 penny movies, OUT OF NOWHERE, they placed a “restriction” on our account!

  23. badcable says:

    I had a lot of trouble getting the South Carolina Gamecocks game last night on channel 161. There were power outage problems apparently at Williams-Brice Stadium during the first half of the game and they just showed the Ole Miss game instead up until about the end of second half on Time Warner, then it was spotty after that, on and off it would go between the two games due to ‘technical difficulties’. The Ole Miss game was also on channel 160, so it was kinda a frustrating situation. I called Time Warner and after 15 minutes on hold, they gave me the expected gold standard run around/buck passing classic saying it was ESPN’s fault not theirs because Time Warner is buying the signal from ESPN. I explained, well, I am buying the signal from YOU. And thus I should be compensated as your customer and Time Warner needs to seek that compensation from ESPN as they are not fulfilling their contract with you. As if they didn’t know this, I explained that when a good company has a legitimate customer complaint, the customer’s problem is supposed to become the company’s problem, and that is how good companies become great companies. I explained contract negotiations, and of course my customer service representative Sabrina apologized but explained that she doesn’t have the authority to give me any credit (which seemed incorrect, since Time Warner has given credit before due to outages). I explained that the Gamecocks game last weekend would have cost $24.99 on pay per view and I think it is reasonable for that amount to be credited to my account for this game not being on as Time Warner has clearly advertized. Of course, I needed to speak to a manager, and of course he said basically the same thing–they must train them in a class called ‘Runaround Fundamentals 101.’ Eventually, he did offer to prorate credit for the amount I hypothetically WOULD be paying for the full day if I had been paying for the digital tier (included in my current 6 month trial period), which came to, get this: $0.27. That’s twenty seven cents. The manager wanted to credit me, after being on the phone over this for about 47 minutes of my time for twenty seven cents. I got his name and extension number, Mr. Steven McAlister, and told him that Time Warner is not taking care of its customers and that’s how companies start to lose customers, and I am on a 6 month trial period and typically as the company’s goal customers are supposed to be pleased with a company’s product during a trial period, and so far, we have been far from thoroughly impressed. I told him that we are paying in total around $95.00 per month and expect much better customer service and customer relationships than the present and past performances Time Warner provides. I also pointed out that after such a trial period, customers are supposed to make a decision as to whether they want to continue or try out the competition. Unfortunately, my telephone went whacky about then, which has been on the blink for a little while, and Mr. McAlister couldn’t hear me, but I could hear Mr. McAlister, and by the time I realized what was happening and had walked to pick up on another phone, Mr. McAlister had said, “He tryin’ to be funny, call him back.” I am assuming Mr. McAlister was speaking to Sabrina, and they probably assumed, quite reasonably of course, that I had hung up. Well, I knew they were going to call me back soon, so I was ready with the other phone. When Mr. McAlister did, I answered it immediately saying, “Hello Steven, thanks for calling me back. I am sorry about that but my phone had gone dead, and I could hear you but you couldn’t hear me apparently. I heard what you said though, you said ‘He tryin’ to be funny, call him back,’ so I was expecting your call.” After going back and forth with him some more, and also asking him if he could see on our account any other issues we’ve had with Time Warner, Mr. McAlister said he could see we had had trouble with our cable box in the past (that’s an understatement, among many other initial issues we had with all those inept visitors from contractor companies and ineffective Time Warner cable people attempting to get our signals, boxes, fishes, and overall service call rationales, etc. etc. straightened out on multiple futile visits and occasions). Long story short, eventually, Mr. McAlister said that as a courtesy, he would give me credit for the whole month for $5.00 for the digital tier.