USPS Violates Credit Card Merchant Agreements

By requiring a minimum purchase amount, the US Postal service is in violation of its credit card merchant agreements. This is from page 14 of VISA’s:


Reader Mike was miffed when he saw this. Why should he have to buy extra stamps? His letter is inside.

You would think that the United State Postal Service would behave better than an ice cream shop. — BEN POPKEN

Mike writes:

    “I was at USPS mailing things with their automated system. I only had 1 item. The item ended up costing my only 63 cents to ship. I thought it was going to be at least 2 dollars. So I said print the 63 cent stamp and was going to check out. I was not allowed, it said I had to spend at least a dollar. So I purchased a 39 cent stamp and checked out. However of course, I am not fond of being required to spend anymore than my intended purchase because I am using a credit card or debit card. Especially when it is someone huge like USPS and not some corner store. So USPS is breaking their merchant agreement with Visa by making me spend over $1.00 at their automatic mailing kiosks.”

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