Netflix Hides Its Customer Service Number

A few weeks back 60 minutes did a profile of Netflix and its owner, Reed Hastings, (who has to have the best corporate name since Warren Widicus.) Anyway, much like our readers, Reed could not find Netflix’s customer service number the Netflix website.

From the CBS transcript:

[Lesley]Stahl asked Hastings what customers like the Henkels should do to get through by phone.

“I’ll show you that here,” he started.

It took forever. “Ah…how do I contact customer service?” he wondered.

And even the CEO couldn’t find a phone number. “Okay, it’s all by e-mail,” he said.

Except it’s kinda not. Since Reed couldn’t find the number, we asked Google. A Google site search of Netflix, searching for “800” and “Customer Service” turned up a phone number tucked away, barely legible at the bottom of a page. Good job, Netflix.—MEGHANN MARCO(Thanks, Judith!)

Netflix Customer Service Number: 1-888-NETFLIX or 1-800-585-8131. Mon-Fri 9am-10pm Eastern Time Sat-Sun 9am-5:30pm Eastern Time.

The Brain Behind Netflix [CBS via DVD Dossier]


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  1. Michael says:

    Maybe it’s my imagination, but I could have sworn that it was mentioned right after that segment that Hastings had since seen to it that the number was added to the site.

    • Anonymous says:


      I’ve had an account with Netflix for some time. When I moved to Okla., I became elligible for a sales tax exemption card as a disabled veteran. This exemption applies to Internet companies doing business in Okla.

      I called Netflix at their published number (800) Netflix, and they were immediately able to adjust my account to accomodate the State sales tax exemption.

      My bank some weeks ago wrote a letter to say they were suspending my debit card because their collection agency had their security compromised and personal data had been released which could be used to defraud me. Netflix notified me via E-mail my card had been cancelled and they wanted a different card (as one might expect).

      Last night I broke my hand and am unable to type well (this is with a surrogate) and called them. They informed me a few minutes ago they could not accept my new debit card over the phone that because of my tax status and Federal Law. But they would happily flag my account to extend the amount of time required for it to heal or find someone to type the information on their Website for me.

      James, Ponca City.

  2. Michael says:

    Ahh… I see what they’ve done. If one doesn’t log in but clicks on the How It Works tab, one can readily see the number since they want to sell you something.

    If one is a customer, however, who would presumably be logged in, the number is harder to find, since one would most likely wish to report a problem or dissatisfaction with the service.

  3. conformco says:

    Not your imagination Michael, at the end of the segment Stahl mentioned that Netflix had since surfaced the phone number on their site. Fact checking on The Consumerist… it’s craptastic!

  4. TPIRman says:

    You are correct, Michael. Here’s what Stahl said, taken from page 3 of the CBS transcript linked above:

    “Apple plans to boost its new downloading business by introducing iTV within six months. It’s a box that will connect the Internet and TV. Reed Hastings told 60 Minutes he’ll unveil plans for his own download service in January. And Netflix has posted a customer service number on its Web site.” [emphasis added]

  5. synergy says:

    I suppose it’s good to have a phone number, but I’m wondering how much that would be needed. I have Netflix and the only problems I’ve had have been with scratched or cracked DVDs. That can be fixed by clicking through some pages to report it and they’re excellent about sending replacements right away. I suppose if something went haywire with the billing that would be good if you need to escalate beyond the click-throughs on the site for that problem, too.

  6. Myron says:

    Good. Netflix is getting slimy as it grows. I complained to them about their lack of number in the past. Seems they don’t give a fuck if their customers complain. But when 60 minutes embarasses their CEO, then something happens.

  7. caltonia says:

    I think that it’s very important for businesses to have phone numbers available, from a security point of view. You’re not supposed to give your information out to someone who calls you. You’re supposed to call them, at a phone number you know belongs to them. If there’s no phone number you can find, so you can call them, then those companies are putting you and your information at risk.

  8. loraksus says:

    Anyone interested in placing bets on when the number disappears from the website?

  9. billybob200138 says:

    Who said the posted a customer service number on their web site? BS X100! Will not contact you for any reason. Anybody else having a problem with mailed dvds not getting to Netflix? I mailed 3 dvds at the same time from the Hospital mail Box and they didn”t recieve them. So I took their advice and mailed them from the Town Post Office and guess what? They”re missing again. The thing that irks me is that I don”t have dvds in a timely manner so I”m getting ripped off. I”m switching seeing as how they don”t want to fix the problem.Losers

  10. navyflyr says:

    Once they got your credit card they bill like clock work , even if they are not sending you any dvd’s I could not contact them so I let the Que get empty 3 month’s now They are still taking my money.

  11. silktgurl says:

    I am so glad I found this site! Just today I signed up for netflex and I got a email alert that my credit card was double billed! First off it is supposed to be a FREE trial offer and then they charged me twice! I looked and looked for a customer servie number and had no luck, I was begining to get really upset, then I found this site and the number was here, I called netflex and told them to give my money back and cancel my subscription that I had! I will be alerting everyone I know about this company! It really does suck! It’s terrible that they don’t have their phone number for all to see, what are they hiding? Makes you wonder, huh?

  12. Anonymous says:

    Thank you so much for this article. I had a problem with a big amount they were billing me and I couldn’t find a way to contact them anywhere on the site since I had cancelled my membership. I found their # because of your article.. Makes you wonder what they are afraid of right????

  13. Anonymous says:

    I just had an issue with them here it goes: My wife noticed Netflix had charged our account a dollar out of the blue of course she called me and asked me to handle it. I call and to their surprise we noticed the charged. Netflix went on to say it is a phantom charged and they ask the bank if their is a dollar available just to confirm it is a real card,the money is never taken just put to the side and given back. In my opinion if you do not notice this charge they notice that you did not notice, “get my drift” so pay attn. people not only Netflix but all of these companies robbing us every chance they get. Keep your books whoever is the most selfish in your relationship let them watch your banking account you will not be taken, at least not blindly. Take it easy all

  14. blossom1971 says:

    What if you don’t want to sit on hold forever and a day? The CEO is quoted as saying that all customer service contact is done by e-mail-yeah and to what e-mail address? When I click on “Contact Us” I end up going round and round and all I can find is a phone number and I end up sitting on hold 4x longer than the estimated hold time.

  15. beau10 says:

    I just tried to obtain the Netflix telephone number and was consistantly referred to a Netflix site that first demanded I enable their cookie ( I gave up after six tries). It was not until I googled “netflix telephone #” that I found this site. What gives? Why are they hiding their tele# and demanding the enabling of a cookie prior to contact? I noticed the dates of the prior postings on this site and it looks as though Netflix is shoveling the same old trash. I’m angry after spending so much time ttrying to connect to a live Netflix person just for information.