Food Industry Funded Group Really Worried (For You) About Trans Fat Bans

The Center for Consumer Freedom posted a full page ad in today’s USATODAY.

The headline reads: “Hey New York: Here’s What’s Next. Now that New York has banned cooking oils with trans fat (the same substance as margarine) because there are healthier alternatives, it opens the door to banning so much more! Using the same logic, let’s get rid of:”

The Center for Consumer Freedom is a non-prof org funded by donations from the fast food, meat, and tobacco industries. They started with a $600k donation from Philip Morris and are really concerned about regulations limiting your ability to eat dangerous substances. — BEN POPKEN

Full ad inside…


Good thing they haven’t banned agribusiness paying so-called think tanks to shill with snarky full-page ads. — MEGHANN MARCO

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