HOWTO: Fix Your Toilet

“Honey, the toilet is running.”
“Fix it.”
“I hate you, die.”
“Hate me while fixing the toilet.”

These midnight discussions are so fun…we know you’d never want them to end, but you can fix the inner workings of your toilet (for good) without buying a whole new one or even hiring a plumber. Yes! You can! Even you!

From DIY site Curbly:
“Just because your toilet runs a little doesn’t mean you need a new one. Of course, if it’s cracked or ugly, have at it. But more than likely it just needs some new mechanical parts inside, all of which are easy to install. Why pay a plumber a minimum of $100 for something you can fix on your own for $20?”

So get to it, and never have to get out of bed to fix a running toilet again. —MEGHANN MARCO

Unless it’s cracked or ugly: don’t replace that old toilet, fix it! [Curbly via Lifehacker]

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