EXCLUSIVE: CHASE Screws Struggling Card Members Harder

Chase yesterday decided to put the screws harder to its most struggling credit card customers, an insider tells us.

Previously, accounts 180 days past due were not billed overlimit fees, making it easier for the average holder to catch up.

Beginning this month, Chase will continue to bill customers overlimit fees past the 180 days.

Worst case scenario, customers are paying $39 overlimit fee, a $39 late fee, and a 32.4% interest rate.

The fee continuation comes on the heels of CHASE’s raising of the default credit card APR from 29.99% to 32.4%.

Our inside tipster writes:

    “It comes across as arrogant and without the “values” that chase seems to insist on having. Yes, customers have gone over the limit. But why continue to bill them a 39.00 late fee AND a 39.00 overlimit fee along with a 29.99 interest rate?

    I feel that it’s only fair to let the consumer know what credit card companies are doing to make even more money and pulling it from the pocket books and purses of those who are already struggling to make ends meet.”

Remember, try to only use a credit card if you can pay it off in full every month. Otherwise you’re a worthless piece of chattel and the banks will rape you hard, and in the butt. — BEN POPKEN