EXCLUSIVE: TBWA’s Vomit-Soaked Holiday Party Invite

Sometimes in the dark of night, while watching yet another variation of the John Mellencamp “This is Our Country” Chevy commercial, we ask ourselves… “Where do these advertisers get their great ideas? How are these gems produced?”

The holiday party invite from TBWAChiatDay, NYC, has the answer, and it’s not pretty.

Warning: Vomit. Lots of Vomit. — BEN POPKEN


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  1. max andrews says:

    Holy Crap! Is this for real? She totally puked on like…everything and everyone possible.

  2. Sir Winston Thriller says:

    It’s (vomiting) is funnier on Little Britain.

  3. bluegus32 says:

    That was like the Exorcist.

    That was just awesome. Although why it’s on the Consumerist, I have yet to figure out.

  4. DonRinciani says:

    She was killing it with her puking, she didn’t miss anyone or anything. Clearly a pro right there, take notes kids.

  5. momo says:

    wonder how their spirits (Absolut et al) clients feel about this invite …

  6. All those guys there and nobody is holding her hair back? Chivalry is dead. :>

  7. Hmm, let’s think of reasons for people to go stand directly in front of her before she has to “puke.”

    “Kelly, are you OK?” Wait, let me stand within striking distance before I ask you. Is the camera ready?

    “Can someone get her a cab?” I need to be standing very close to her before I ask this question. Is the camera ready?

    Oh no, she just puked on me! In front of the camera! I did NOT see that coming!

    Either they gave an intern one of those stupid fake-puke machines from Saturday Night Live, or they fed her some ipicac or castor oil for this very creative prank. Very creative.

    Also, they’re having the party on a Thursday night. ‘Sup with that?

  8. Uurp says:

    Tube placed on the side of her head opposite the camnera. If it was real vomit she woul’ve started a chain reaction lasting until March ’06.

  9. spinachdip says:

    The puking is clearly staged, but something like this wouldn’t be out of place at an ad agency holiday party.

    I was once an intern at Leo Burnett in Chicago, where they call the annual agency party Breakfast because the festivities start at 7 am. There was a no camera policy, lest incriminating photographs threaten marriages and jobs.

  10. Solo says:

    Fake as it is, it sure made me laugh. I love high power jet streamed puke. “In your face, Peter, in your face!”

  11. elvisaintdead says:

    proof positive why advertising will always be a young man’s game.

    /god I miss it

  12. Spinachdip, I need to share your Leo Burnett experience with the brass here at my unfortunately morally upstanding Midwestern agency.

    Probably before our party, lest I be the only one projectile puking on my colleagues.

  13. adprisoner says:

    i’ve got an ad agency xmas party memory for you. at mccann erickson’s last holiday party which was held at Bed, (in February no less because the parent company is so poor and got a cheaper rate that way), two employees got fired for FUCKING at the party on one of the beds next to the dance floor. i love this business.

  14. Coronagold says:

    Please, I’ve seen stuff in the 70s & 80s that were more believable than this. Nice try though.

  15. raincoaster says:

    Their Christmas video from the Vancouver office last year is pretty fucking awesome, though.

  16. keki says: