10 Most/Least Reliable Cars

According to the always controversial ConsumerReports, these are the 10 most and least reliable cars by class.

Small Cars
Best: Honda Fit
Worst: Chevrolet Cobalt

Family Cars
Best: Honda Accord Hybrid (this is slightly better than the 4 cyl Accord)
Worst: Volkswagen Passat

Upscale/Large Cars
Best: Lexus ES350
Worst: Jaguar X-Type

Luxury Cars
Best: 2006 Lexus LS
Worst: Cadillac STS

Sporty Cars
Best: Lexus SC
Worst: Pontiac Solstice

Best: Pontiac Vibe (the Toyota Matrix is essentially the same car)
Worst: Buick Terraza

Small SUV
Best: Toyota FJ Cruiser (though we’ve never though of this as being particularly small)
Worst: Kia Sportage

Midsized SUV
Best: Toyota Highlander Hybrid (slighly better than the regular Highlander)
Worst: Mercedes-Benz M-Class

Large SUVs
Best: Toyota Land Cruiser
Worst: Nissan Armada

Pickup Trucks
Best: Subaru Baja (this is hardly a truck!)
Worst: Nissan Titan

….annnnnd FIGHT! — BEN POPKEN

[via Five Cent Nickle]