Oh, OJ.

Judging by the 967 articles on Google News today about OJ’s planned FOX tv special and book, titled If I Did it, someone is excited. His publisher calls the book, “his confession.” Whatever.

When we clicked over to Harper Collin’s website to see how they were marketing If I Did It, we saw that under “New Books Similiar to This One” is the book One Hot Summer by Carolina Garcia Aquilera, “But when her old law school boyfriend-the handsome Luther Simmonds–shows; up out of nowhere, all hell breaks loose . . . ”

We should say so. Must be difficult to find books to market with an alledged killer’s hypothetical retelling of how he would have murdered two people. Also, we’d just like to note that there is an option on OJ’s page to, “Invite an author to chat with your reading group.” Uhhhhh… No thanks. —MEGHANN MARCO

OJ’s Harper Collins Page [Harper Collins]
Publisher on O.J.: ‘I consider this his confession’ [CNN]


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  1. drzombie says:

    OJ’s got guts, that’s for sure,

    btw, Meghann rocks, two articles for her today v. one for Ben

  2. bambino says:

    Seriously made me sick when I saw this on CNN. Anyone that gives him ratings/money by watching it is retarded.

  3. Triteon says:

    OJ has already made his money from the interview; not watching this doesn’t keep money from him (but it will from Fox.) FYI: his publisher, HarperCollins, is a subsidiary of NewsCorp– the owner of the Fox Network.

  4. Proof that Fox is evil:
    1) Fox cancels Justice
    2) Now they air this interview with OJ

    (Of course, UPN cancelled “Freedom” so I guess they were evil too. You’d think they’d pay attention to what they name these shows given that they know they’re just going to cancel them before the season ends.)

  5. SexCpotatoes says:

    Hey, has he found “The real killer” yet? I mean, he WAS supposed to be looking for “him,” there really can’t be that many golf courses left in the world for O.J. to check in that search….

  6. bambino says:

    Triteon, Agreed, but watching this will only cause the producers to think ‘hey, people loved it! Let’s make another and pay him more!’

  7. William Mize says:

    “option”, not “opinion”.

    But then again, I’m sure everyone has an opinion on OJ and his guiltishness.

    Despite the error, Meghann still = hawt.

  8. Ben says:

    I still blame OJ for the rise of Nancy Grace. If only she’d move to Fox so I don’t have to accidentally watch her any more (I’ve blocked Fox on the dish, but not CNN)

  9. Triteon says:

    Justice isn’t cancelled, but it is on hiatus until after the November sweeps. (Though it will probably be cancelled after that.)
    Did you know that the Nielsen ratings data is collected from a pool of just over 5,000 households? 5,000 out of 110 million homes. These are the wonderful people who report what they watch…where all the ratings are developed. Find them and stop them from watching the latest network craptacular!

  10. Meg Marco says:

    William Mize– Thank you, I fixed it.