Walmart Nazi Shirts Still On Sale


Judging from a recent entry by a South Dakota blogger, four days after Walmart’s PR firm promised the t-shirt’s removal, tshirts bearing Nazi SS imagery could still be found on the retailer’s shelves.

“Evil King Macrocranios,” says he was approached by a Walmart employee after taking this picture. Initially, she asked the blogger and his wife to stop taking pictures but was cool with it after she learned they weren’t eBay scammers.

When they told her about the image’s Nazi origins, the employee reportedly found the shirt to not be that big a deal and was more bothered by shirts promoting the, “sexually promiscuous Smokey and the Bandit.”

The Consumerist urges Walmart to hasten these shirts’ removal so we can stop writing about them. Our readers will be grateful. — BEN POPKEN

I’m in UR Wal-Martz wearing UR Nazi shurts [Please Save Me Robots] (Thanks Philip!)

UPDATE: Here’s someone who bought the shirt five days later.

SIDEBAR: The number 88 has been forever ruined. See this recent picture of New York Mayor Bloomberg, inside.


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