Walmart Nazi Shirts Still On Sale


Judging from a recent entry by a South Dakota blogger, four days after Walmart’s PR firm promised the t-shirt’s removal, tshirts bearing Nazi SS imagery could still be found on the retailer’s shelves.

“Evil King Macrocranios,” says he was approached by a Walmart employee after taking this picture. Initially, she asked the blogger and his wife to stop taking pictures but was cool with it after she learned they weren’t eBay scammers.

When they told her about the image’s Nazi origins, the employee reportedly found the shirt to not be that big a deal and was more bothered by shirts promoting the, “sexually promiscuous Smokey and the Bandit.”

The Consumerist urges Walmart to hasten these shirts’ removal so we can stop writing about them. Our readers will be grateful. — BEN POPKEN

I’m in UR Wal-Martz wearing UR Nazi shurts [Please Save Me Robots] (Thanks Philip!)

UPDATE: Here’s someone who bought the shirt five days later.

SIDEBAR: The number 88 has been forever ruined. See this recent picture of New York Mayor Bloomberg, inside.

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  1. The Consumerist urges Walmart to hasten these shirts’ removal so we can stop writing about them.

    Never heard of editorial restraint have we?

  2. AcilletaM says:

    Wal-Mart is holding off on releasing its new line of waffles called ‘Toaster Waffen SS’ until the fuehrer dies down.

  3. Kornkob says:

    We’re almost there, man, keep on going!

  4. Ben Popken says:

    Leggo my Luftwaffle!

  5. Ass_Cobra says:

    I love that Smokey and the Bandit’s sexual overtones are worse than the holocaust. Burt Reynolds, hypnotically sexy.

  6. Jim C. says:

    And most pianos have 88 keys! The horror!

  7. grant0 says:

    When you do your 88th post on this, I think lightning will strike you.

    Irony lightning.

  8. synergy says:

    Rowdy beat me to it. Death and destruction preferable to a nooner. Nice.

  9. TheUpMyAssPlayers says:

    you people are frickin hilarious. no really. sometimes these comments are funnier than a good david sedaris book.

  10. bigot says:

    Thank you all for pursuing this.

    Walmart could have easily hidden by some lame freedom of speech claim, but you were able to show them the error of their ways.

    We need to remain watchful of other offensive products that are carried at walmart and other retailers.

    Even as we speak, they continue to sell offensive merchandise. We must put the screws to them and force them to quit carrying anything offensive or evil.

    Look at the books they sell, books on abortion, bombs, guns, and drugs. They even have books on witchcraft, bibles, and even the koran. The books of terrorism. Worst of all, they have 317 books on bunnies.

  11. KrewKutt says:

    Symbols only have power if you allow them to. I am in Manila, Philippines for work and the number ’88’ is seen as a lucky number. I guess this is true for most Asian countries, any number with an ‘8’ is lucky – multiples of the number multiply the luck. Remember the group ‘The Crazy 88’s’ in Kill Bill? Again, symbols only have power if you grant them that power.

  12. Chairman-Meow says:

    Let’s not forgot the cryptic “33” on Rolling Rock Beer. Reverse the 33s and glue them together what do you get !??!?!

    Yet another conspiracy tumbles onto our laps courtesy of the Consumerist. Thanks Ben.

  13. zibby says:

    I rather doubt the part about Smokey and the Bandit – sounds a little too much like a clever, made-up twist to me. But hey – I can’t prove it didn’t happen.

  14. Trai_Dep says:

    Showing too much yokol cleavage: Shameful!
    Combo creamatoriums/showers: Bitchen!

  15. schvitzatura says:

    Actually, it appears this design was lifted from another novelty t-shirt logo, out of Obey Giant (Shepard Fairey’s design group):

    Rip-off of OBEY Defiant Skull

    Obey’s manifesto

  16. Don’t speak ill of the Häschen!

  17. Majician says:

    Has Anyone seen these in Las Vegas Lately?

  18. Majician says:

    Anyone seen these shirts in Las Vegas?

  19. Britpoptarts says:

    I vote with my dollars. I refuse to shop at the big Marts, be they K- or Wal*. This just underscores my belief that I am not the Marts’ target audience. Thank goodness for that.

    In the interest of full disclosure, I still kind of like Target, but they only get me into the store 1-2 times a year, so that’s not saying much. :/

    And, technically,it’s not a Mart.