Search and Destroy Hidden Phone Charges

Hidden, fraudulent, charges on your phone bill could end up costing you big over time. Inside, we’ve got a guide to spotting and rectifying this fee-skimming.

A KUTV investigation broadcast yesterday found widespread fraud and overcharges among Qwest customers.

Some customers were being charged for directory assistance they didn’t use, or for long-distance when they had long-distance with another company.

Third party “phone service” companies, like Discount Telecom Services, tell phone companies customers ordered certain services. The phone companies, like Qwest, then bill the customer and take a portion of the fraudulent fees.

According to an expert in finding false phone charges, “at least 80 to 90 percent of all phone bills are dirty.”

If you find suspicious charges, question your phone company, and if the charges are unfounded, demand the company credits the charges back to the start date.

Check out our guide inside, and then check out your phone bill. — BEN POPKEN

(Thanks to Bubba!)