Apple Fires Smug Fanboy

You knew it was coming. Apple has said goodbye to Justin Long A.K.A. “Mac”, whom Seth Stevenson of Slate called:

“…Just the sort of unshaven, hoodie-wearing, hands-in-pockets hipster we’ve always imagined when picturing a Mac enthusiast. He’s perfect. Too perfect. It’s like Apple is parodying its own image while also cementing it.”

All that’s left to wonder is, “Where can we get that John Hodgman computer?” He’s so adorable.— MEGHANN MARCO

Justin Long: A Mac No Longer


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  1. AcilletaM says:

    PC: “What are you working on there?”
    Mac: “Oh, I’m just updating my resume. I’ve been running Office for years now.”
    Resume on Mac: “I’m a Mac resume!”

  2. Triteon says:

    Man, and he didn’t even get busted by the cops for possession. Maybe he and Ben “Dell Guy” Curtis can form a support group.

  3. Who can fault Apple on the self-perpetuating “hipness threshold” Penny Arcade

  4. Trai_Dep says:

    Nooooooooooooo! Justin CALL ME!

    Okay, I’m weird. I actually liked these commercials. The Mac guy and the PC guy. And I generally h-a-t-e commercials

  5. Mike_ says:

    For those of you playing at home, Windows XP turned 5 last month, and it’s still the same piece of crap it was when Microsoft pinched it out half a decade ago.

    If you’re going to comment in this thread about how much you hate Apple, and how Mac users smell like patchouli and eat granola, I’d like to know whether you’ve actually used a modern Mac long enough to be comfortable with its user interface and familiar with its capabilities.

    Same question for Ben & Meghann, actually. Have you ever used a Mac, or is your opinion of Apple based more on the opinion of others?

  6. Wow I screwed up my link, I meant to put in: Hipness threshold

    I suck.

  7. bambino says:

    Looks like someone took offense…

  8. Triteon says:

    No kidding, bambino. I’m not a Mac-hater, but would like to turn Mike’s question on him– have you used Windows XP long enough to be comfortable, etc.
    In business, most of the people I know who use Macs are creative types (advertising) and swear by their system, specifically the lovely G5. Most of the folks I know who use Windows-based systems do so for the numbers-crunching. Both sides have tried the other OS in the past, and we agree not to cross those lines again.
    (BTW, I find the Mac/MS Office combo slow and a bit unresponsive, much like operating Windows through Citrix [as I’m forced to do at work]. and most of the people I know who smell like patchouli and eat granola won’t be found within 10 feet of any computer.)

  9. Funklord says:

    Obviously, the next set of commercials will feature a revitalized John Hodgman, who will represent a former Windows user set free by his new choice in hardware.

  10. emjsea says:

    I used to own and use Macs and I’ll testify that compared to my PC running XP, the Mac was a piece of crap. The only reason they are still around is because hipster doofuses think they are being alternative by using them. They certainly don’t work better, they don’t have the software or game selection, and they cost more. I’d say it’s a no-brainer, but I guess the black turtlenecks plus ironic cigarette smoking has lead to lack of oxygen to the hipster brain.

    See, how’s that for some hatin’ on the Macs! Word.

  11. Anonymously says:

    The commercials suck. Smug assholes suck. MacOS itself is fairly nice.

  12. Sam Glover says:

    Black turtlenecks? Hello 1957.

  13. gertrudeyorkes says:

    What hipster wears a black turtleneck? You’re thinking of beatniks.

    I use a PC at work and a Mac at home, and I have to say, I love my Mac. My Windows XP has crashed several times in the past few months. My Mac? Not once in over a year.
    And I don’t have to buy any new virus protection for it, either. I don’t care how “alternative” I am, I just want something that works.

  14. Mike_ says:

    Triteon, I have a Sony VAIO running XP SP2. It’s powered on, but the last time I used it was to load some maps on my GPS a few months ago. I also have a home-built PC running Windows 98 for some ham radio related apps. I have used and supported (professionally) various incarnations of Windows from 3.1 through XP.

    There are die-hard Mac folk who have been hooked since the Mac Classic. I don’t fall into that category. IMO, Macs pretty much sucked until OS X 10.2 (the first version I used extensively), and even then it took awhile for them to get their legs. From 10.3 forward, I have had a hard time recommending anything else. These days, my PCs tend to gather dust.

    If I sound offended, it’s because the editors never miss an opportunity to drag Apple through the mud, and so much of their criticism plays on disparaging Apple users, rather than speaking to ways in which Apple might actually be any worse than its competitors. (Example: When Apple was tied for 2nd place on the Consumer Reports laptop reliability survey, we were treated to a “Suck on that, fanboys”.)

    The anti-Apple bias is getting a little old. That’s all. Like most things, Apple has its failings, past and present. Personally, I prefer my Mac to anything I’ve ever used before. I have a hard time understanding the visceral negativity, especially from those who haven’t used a Mac more than “just casually”, or more recently than “a few years ago”. (Remember, when XP was released, most Macs were running OS9, which I will be the first to say totally sucked.)

  15. North of 49 says:

    At least he isn’t Michael from Canada’s Worst Drivers Season 2 ( He’s not only a mac user, he uses Dvorak, not Qwerty and to top it off, got called “Nutty Proffessor” by the cop on the show!

  16. What Mike said.

  17. Good riddance! I loathed that campaign.

  18. segfault, registered cat offender says:

    I agree 100% with Mike_. My laptop is a PowerBook. I still regularly use a desktop running XP, but it will be replaced with a Mac within the next year. I enjoy OS X a great deal more than I enjoy XP.

    If and when I occasionally need to run XP, I can use Apple’s Boot Camp to boot into it.

  19. RogueSophist says:

    You leave your computer powered on, but you haven’t used it for several months? Classy.

    And aren’t there other forums for, um, well-reasoned discussion of operating system pros and cons?

    Justin Long is a tool.

  20. junkmail says:

    Ummm… your computer is supposed to be a tool, not a friggin’ lifestyle choice. I’ve personally been using XPSP2 since its release, and only reboot if necessary, (new hardware, some software installs, etc). I can’t tell you how often it crashes, because it doesn’t. I’d seriously have to look through the logs to find the last time it had a problem of any kind. (Yes, I’ve used OSX at work, and I much prefer to design on my PC. It’s a choice, not a commitment)

    Take that for what it’s worth, since it means absolutely nothing to me. I use my computer for work, not to impress anyone, and not for a piece of decorative furniture.

    To answer the above comment, Apple is attacked so often, (usually in fun) due to hardcore fanboys that explode from the woodwork when nary a peep is spoken against their beloved OS. Have you seen anyone getting indignant over the mac ads because the PC user is portrayed as a fat, ignorant slob? Doubt it. It’s a joke. Get over it.

  21. Mike_ says:

    junkmail – Yeah, except my Mac isn’t a lifestyle choice, a piece of decorative furniture, or a fancy toy I use to impress people. And the PC world isn’t devoid of people who look at their computers that way, either. I do look at my Mac as a tool, and I’ve found I prefer it to other tools.

    I’m not questioning your preference. If you’ve used OS X enough to know your way around, and still couldn’t wait to get back in front of your Windows XP box, you’ve probably got a valid opinion. My criticism is directed at people who have little or no idea what they’re talking about, but feel the need to tear into Apple and Apple users anyway.

  22. Anonymously says:

    If you want pro-Apple, read Gizmodo or Lifehacker. Consumerist just helps even out the Gawker pro-Apple bias.

  23. West says:

    “If I sound offended, it’s because the editors never miss an opportunity to drag Apple through the mud”

    You could ask them for a refund.

  24. Trae says:

    I’m with Mike – the anti-Mac atmosphere is getting on my nerves.

    I use Windows 2000 and Windows XP most of the time, and I have no hate for the Windows Platform – but I’ve also extensively used Macs, and I think OSX is a very nice environment. I’m seriously considering buying a Macbook for my next laptop.

    Look, if you don’t like the operating environment, don’t use it. It’s not a big deal. If Apple gives you crappy customer service, then that would be something to complain about – but complaining for no reason ruins the credibility of the complainer. It’s just needless ranting that no one will listen to.

    Yes, there are annoying Mac fanboys out there. But there are annoying fanboys for EVERYTHING, Windows and Linux included, and if you bicker with them, you turn into their EVEN MORE annoying cousin: The Anti-Fanboy. It’s true.

    That said: It’s too bad they’re discontinuing the ads. I really enjoyed them.

  25. acambras says:

    I used PCs pretty much the whole time (I’d say all my life, but there was that Commodore 64 way back when). I still have a PC at home, but since 2004, I’ve been working on Macs at the office. So I didn’t have a choice, but I like the Macs just fine. I would not say I’ve become a fangirl, but I’m seriously considering getting a Mac for my next home computer.

  26. janine says:

    Um, but it’s pretty clear from reading the thread that Mike started the whole negativity thing. Then he went on to write long posts tons of long a$$ posts regarding the fight he started.

    Before that, everyone was talking solely about the ad campaign.

    It should be on record that it’s a total non sequtor. You can’t just show up in a thread basically saying, “I’m tired of people fighting with me! Who wants to fight?” (Hall monitor signing out…)

  27. Meg Marco says:

    I don’t hate either system. It’s too much like politics.

  28. junkmail says:

    [b]mike[/b] point taken. I do want to make it clear that I’m not, in any way, slamming OSX. It’s a beautiful piece of work, and definitely has its place. I think my preference stems from familiarity more than anything.

    That being said, I am seriously considering the new mac pro for my next upgrade. I will, however, keep my PC’s close at hand. :)

    BTW, a hearty amen to meghannmarco. :)

  29. junkmail says:

    oops, that didn’t work. Oh well.

  30. Anonymously says:

    Just use <b>html.</b>

  31. just dave says:

    The ads aren’t being discontinued. They’ll just have a new face for the Mac. And who knows; maybe they’ll have Hodgman play both parts, since Apple hardware can do that as well. Wouldn’t that be a hoot!

    Hodgman is pretty funny in his own right; check out his book, Areas of My Expertise.

  32. Sedona says:

    From a creative point of view, this was a cool campaign. I think the advertising agency should get a Gold Star. Very clever way of entertaining, communicating and persuading. It was a stand-out commercial in a sea of typical crap that is very forgettable.

  33. AcilletaM says:

    I’ll admit to being an anti-fanboy. I like to poke the bears to make’em growl.

  34. Mike_ says:

    Yeah, we don’t have to pick sides here. I was just trying to say that the baseless sniping is getting tiresome. With few exceptions, the negativity is contrary to my experience with Apple products and support, and most of the shots that are taken are cheap or without merit. That’s not helpful, and it lends itself to what Trae mentioned a few comments back: lost credibility.

    I can’t think of any other company I’ve seen “featured” here where the editors smack around the business, but also feel it necessary to make mean-spirited comments about its customers. (Let alone a company whose actual customers comment here, and seem to have a generally-positive opinion of them.)

    janine, sorry for being long-winded. I’m in that kind of mood today, I guess. For the record, I was responding to the negative attitude towards Apple and Mac users (i.e. “Smug Fanboys”) in the original post, and the history of similar statements. I wasn’t trying to raise hell. I was just annoyed at another round of abuse.

    junkmail, the MacBook can dual-boot Windows XP.

    Okay, I’m done.

  35. junkmail says:

    Greg P Thanks, I knew I did something wrong.

    Mike_ I know, hence my initial interest in crossing to “the dark side.” :)

  36. Xkeeper says:

    I, personally, cannot stand the Mac OS interface. I don’t like bouncing icons.

    I’ll stick with my Windows 2000/XP Taskbar, thanks. =P

  37. acambras says:

    Xkeeper — I too find the bouncing icons loathsome. But you can set them in some sort of preferences area so they don’t bounce. Icon Ritalin, if you will.

  38. TurgidDahlia says:

    …they’re just computers.