Domino’s “Brooklyn Style” Pizza vs. The New York Times

The New York Times has a left-wing anti-Domino’s Pizza analysis up today. Far be it from the Consumerist to tell you what sort of pizza to eat, we have to admit the Domino’s “Brooklyn-style” pizza fills us with ire. And we don’t even really give a shit about Brooklyn pizza.

From the New York Times:

“But anyone in the Midwest who thinks this is real Brooklyn is getting fooled,” he said.
That’s the basic message from Mrs. Ciminieri at Totonno’s, who was finally persuaded to taste a Domino’s slice in the name of research.
“In Utah, they’re going to love it because they use ketchup and American cheese on their pizzas,” she said.

Mmmhmm. Suck it up, Brooklyn. This happened to “Chicago Style” a long time ago. Consumerist thinks the only argument stupider than the “Which city has the best pizza?” argument is the “Which beer is the best beer?” argument. Hint: It’s not Budweiser, and pass the Lou Malnati’s, please. Oh no, we didn’t! Fanboys, attack! — MEGHANN MARCO

‘Brooklyn Style Pizza’ Meets the Real Deal [NYT]


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  1. Vinny says:

    What gets me is that in the article, to demonstrate “real” Brooklyn pizza, they showed that horrible brick oven shit with the burnt crust and bubblegum fresh mozzarella and three pieces of pepperoni covering the whole thing with lumps of undercooked lumpy oddly textured sauce.

    Frankly, I’ve had that stuff and it sucks. From everywhere. Brooklyn included.

    I grew up in Brooklyn. Brooklyn Pizza looks just like Manhattan Pizza looks just like Queens Pizza, looks just like Bronx Pizza (note I didn’t mention Staten Island; most of their pizza sucks). If they want to hold up that crap with the plastic cheese and fingerpaint sauce as their ideal slice, give me a Dominos pie any day.

  2. Giordano’s, Nancy’s, Uno’s, now that’s pizza.

    Besides, no one goes to Domino’s for an authentic culinary experience…it is akin to going to Panda Express to experience China.

  3. grayskies says:

    I second the call for Lou Malnati’s.

  4. laurenl842 says:

    Lou Mal’s…*drools*

  5. jacques says:

    As long as you mean the Uno’s as in the Uno’s and Due’s, not Uno’s as in the crap you find in malls throughout the country. Two separate stores.
    And you can’t beat a deep dish The Lou with the butter crust.

  6. Lou Malnati’s …. drooooooool ….

    Also, this is why I hate New Yorkers: “But anyone in the Midwest who thinks this is real Brooklyn is getting fooled,” — yes, because ALL OF US IN THE MIDWEST are too stupid to know that Domino’s is not haute cuisine. Like, we’ve never seen how they abused our Chicago pizza and we have NO IDEA they might similarly abuse other regional pizza specialties.

    I’m now going to assume Domino’s Brooklyn pizza IS real Brooklyn pizza JUST TO PISS OFF NEW YORKERS.

  7. nweaver says:

    On “Chicago Style”, go to Zachary’s Chicago Style Pizza in Oakland or Berkeley in the SF Bay Area. Better pizza than the “chicago” pizza you get in chicago.

  8. Brianron says:

    Wow the NY Times is really doing some incredible reporting. Domino’s Brooklyn pizza isn’t really the same as pizza from Brooklyn? I didn’t realize that.

    I can’t wait for the follow-up: Taco Bell isn’t the same as real Mexican Food.

    Thank you.

    All idiots everywhere

  9. bambino says:

    I’m gonna open up a real mexican place in north jersey & make a killing.

  10. gotbock says:

    Wait. Budweiser isn’t the best? But they’re the biggest. Isn’t that the same thing?

  11. SteveJeltzFan says:

    This just in…

    Your local “Steak & Cheese” is not a Geno’s Cheesesteak

    That can of New England clam chowder? Doesn’t taste the same as it does in Maine

    And the pulled pork BBQ sandwich you get in Manhattan? Kansas City is laughing at you.

  12. Triteon says:

    SteveJeltz ftw!
    But man, now I’ve got the “Here Comes the King” jingle going through my head. Call me a homer, but the king is second to none.

  13. Chairman-Meow says:

    When I first saw this ad, I knew it wouldn’t be long before the shouting started.

    BTW, The best Pizza on the planet is the stuff up here in Massachusetts we call “bar pizza”. It can be found in just about any neighborhood bar that has a pizza oven in the back. The oven has not changed in over 60 years; then again neither has the owner who’s been making pies there forever. So in effect your getting the flavor of every pizza ever made in that oven.

    Once you get past the “residents” on the bar stools, beautiful 10 inch pies await your tastebuds……*slobber*.

    Pass the red-pepper flakes!

  14. Trai_Dep says:

    My favorite Domino’s Pizza is the Randall Terry: thin crust, extra sauce, extra mozzarella and spiced bits of ground-up clinic doctor generously sprinkled on top.

  15. Pete Gaines says:

    Lou Malnati’s ftw, though I’ll consider your arguments for other Chicago places. And now I’m hungry for Portillo’s. Damn.

  16. Ben says:

    Somebody (online, of course) once dismissed my town because they asked for directions to a good barbecue place and they were sent to a gas station.

    My response was “Well, you wanted good barbecue, right? That’s where it is.”

    But I won’t get offended if some fool restaurant chain offers barbecue. I know the real deal when I have it. I figure the same goes with pizza.

  17. Nor-Cal says:

    Midwest, East, all the same. Look at a map, Chicago is neither mid nor west. let the babies cry over their inedible cuisine.

    Gimme some old school sourdough a la Toto’s

  18. Funklord says:

    I’m with Michael Scott, in Times Square, from “The Office”:

    “And now I’m going to go across the street and get a slice of my favorite New York style pizza.”

    And of course he goes into a Sbarro’s.

  19. Meg Marco says:

    God, I miss Lou Malnati’s.

  20. buck09 says:

    If their pizza is so fantastic, how do you explain this??

  21. Oooh, now I wan’t me some Beau Jo’s

  22. junkmail says:

    “Giordano’s, Nancy’s, Uno’s, now that’s pizza.

    Besides, no one goes to Domino’s for an authentic culinary experience…it is akin to going to Panda Express to experience China.”

    Giordano’s… *droooooool* Broke my REAL pizza cherry on that stuff As far as I’m concerned, it’s the finest substance ever to grace the face of this planet.

    And amen to the rest of the comment as well.

  23. moejuda says:

    I am so glad somone mentioned Beau Jo’s! That is by far the best pizza I have ever had (though Zachary’s in Berkeley runs a close second). Any time I am in Colorado, I try to hit up a Beau Jo’s. New Yorkers can keep their pizza.

  24. The Unicorn says:

    Dude, also: Gino’s East.

    Actually, though, my all-time favorite Chicago style pizza is from this little restaurant in Hyde Park where my boyfriend used to work, Caffe Florian — they use a very similar crust recipe to Gino’s East (I think one of the cooks used to work there) but to me it tastes better.

    Art of Pizza is really good as well — that’s probably my second favorite. But Gino’s East is a close third & they’re better-known than the other two.

  25. Grrrrrrr, now with two buns made of bacon. says:

    I’ll take Sal’s pizza from Boston. Brooklyn style pizza? Fogget’ about it.

  26. juri squared says:

    crayonshinobi gets 10 points in my book for mentioning Nancy’s.

    Now to go heat up the leftover Nancy’s in my fridge…

  27. Olives says:

    I’m from metro NY and went on vacation to Tucson. They have a big ole place called Brooklyn Pizza. Was it good? eh! Was it real New York pizza? Fuck No! My point: theres no NY pizza out side of NY. There’s some dude around San Fran with a NY Italian deli who insists all New Yorkaz eat their sandwiches dripping in mayo, and he makes a killing from people dumb enough to think they’re eating real NYC style sandwiches. I don’t figure that people in the rest of the US will think Dominoes got it spot on, but if they enjoy the freakin apizza pie let them pay the money to the corporation and eat the greezy thing.
    And Front_Towards_Enemy: if a Mass bar pizza is anything like the shit they serve in RI then your tongue deserves a road trip to New Haven or NYC.

  28. Pelagius says:

    A1 Pizza Mart in Seattle. Because it is cheap and made by Hindus.

  29. snake says:

    I’m Brooklyn born and raised. I lived in Philly and tasted that “cheese steak’. Its steakem and cheese whiz. I dont know why, but I ordered that dominos Brooklyn pizza. I’ll let you know how that shit tastes.

  30. snake says:

    I was a fool…It Sucks!!!!!