Domino’s “Brooklyn Style” Pizza vs. The New York Times

The New York Times has a left-wing anti-Domino’s Pizza analysis up today. Far be it from the Consumerist to tell you what sort of pizza to eat, we have to admit the Domino’s “Brooklyn-style” pizza fills us with ire. And we don’t even really give a shit about Brooklyn pizza.

From the New York Times:

“But anyone in the Midwest who thinks this is real Brooklyn is getting fooled,” he said.
That’s the basic message from Mrs. Ciminieri at Totonno’s, who was finally persuaded to taste a Domino’s slice in the name of research.
“In Utah, they’re going to love it because they use ketchup and American cheese on their pizzas,” she said.

Mmmhmm. Suck it up, Brooklyn. This happened to “Chicago Style” a long time ago. Consumerist thinks the only argument stupider than the “Which city has the best pizza?” argument is the “Which beer is the best beer?” argument. Hint: It’s not Budweiser, and pass the Lou Malnati’s, please. Oh no, we didn’t! Fanboys, attack! — MEGHANN MARCO

‘Brooklyn Style Pizza’ Meets the Real Deal [NYT]

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