Wendy’s Lies About Trans Fats

Image courtesy of CR tests find trans fats in Wendy's fries [ConsumerReports.org]

Despite the fact that Wendy’s announced the removal of nearly all trans fats from their French-fry cooking oil, Consumer Reports tested the fries and found that Wendy’s is a big fat liar.

“We were surprised to find that the lab tests showed the fries contained significantly more trans fat than the 0.5 grams per serving claimed by Wendy’s…. The average amount of trans fat per serving was 2.5 grams.”

The good news is that Wendy’s fries used to have 7 grams of trans fat per serving. Still, the people at Wendy’s are lying about the health risks involved in eating their food, and since their fries are delicious, that makes them evil.

CR tests find trans fats in Wendy’s fries

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