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California Court Rules That Large Retailers Don’t Have To Provide In-Store Defibrillators

Sometimes having an automated external defibrillator (AED) on hand can make the difference between life and death, in the case of a cardiac emergency. But while one family sued Target for not having such a device around when a woman suffered a heart attack and died in a California store, the state’s highest court says large retailers are not required to carry defibrillators in case of a medical emergency. [More]

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Study: Skipping Breakfast Could Increase Risk Of Heart Attack

This is usually where I’d say that my wise, older relative once told me the benefits of doing such and such a thing, but not this time. I always say: I don’t skip the morning meal because otherwise I’d be grumpier than a bear woken from hibernation by the blasting of a Justin Bieber CD straight into the ear holes by lunch if I didn’t eat, but a new study says you shouldn’t skimp on breakfast because it might increase your risk of having a heart attack. [More]

Meet The Man Who Faked Heart Attacks To Escape Dinner Bills And Cab Fares

Meet The Man Who Faked Heart Attacks To Escape Dinner Bills And Cab Fares

Police arrested Robert Farnham for “habitual criminality” and “fraud on a restaurant” after his doctor reported him for faking heart attacks to avoid paying bills. The Wisconsin resident, who has been caught pulling the same routine five times this year, most recently keeled over in Applebees to avoid paying $22.66 for a “steak, salad, mashed potatoes, a soda, a strawberry smoothie and a brownie.”

Heartburn Drugs Prilosec and Nexium May Cause Heart Attacks

The FDA has launched a safety review of the heartburn drugs Prilosec and Nexium after two studies linked the medicines to an increased risk of: “heart attacks, heart failure, and heart-related sudden death.” The FDA warned that the studies are only preliminary, and that doctors and patients should keep using the drugs. From the LA Times:

FDA Knew About Potentially Lethal Diabetes Drug Since Last August, Said Nothing

The study was outed yesterday on the New England Journal of Medicine’s website. The editors of the journal and the study’s lead author both warned that the research methodology left the “findings open to interpretation.”

Papa John’s: Best Nationwide Pizza

Papa John’s International Inc. received the top rating among national pizza delivery and take-out chains in the Restaurants & Institutions’ Consumers’ Choice in Chains Survey. The survey rated national pizza chains on ” food quality, service, convenience, cleanliness, value, atmosphere, menu variety and reputation.” The competition? Pizza Hut scored highest in the “atmosphere” category, but lost to Papa John’s in everything else.

Wendy’s Lies About Trans Fats

CR tests find trans fats in Wendy’s fries [ConsumerReports.org]

Merck’s Vioxx Replacement Still A Heart Risk

Merck’s getting in on the arthritis market again with a new drug, called Arcoxia. You might remember their previous offering, Vioxx, which was discontinued two years ago after octogenarians countrywide lifted their contorted, claw-like hands to a withered chest and let out a rattling gasp under the influence of a massive, Vioxx-induced heart attack. Lawsuits abounded.