HOWTO: Negotiate Fair Pay

Let’s face it, women don’t get paid as much as men. Why is this? Aside from obvious reasons like “Men are sexist douchebags” there’s also the fact that fewer women negotiate when it comes to things like salary offers or their yearly raise. Why? Who knows. The point is, it’s appropriate to negotiate. If the men in your office are getting paid more than you are, put a stop to it with a few negotiating tips from

•State the behavior. Say that you are not being paid the same as other employees with similar performance.

•Tell how you feel without getting too emotional. Wahhh, you want money. Don’t complain, just say, “Being paid less than other people makes me feel under-appreciated.” Don’t say you need the money for your Aunt’s goiter.

•Determine your options. Have a solution ready. Tell them what you want, but don’t try to bankrupt the company.

•Strive for a positive outcome. Don’t be a negative creep.

Go get ’em, tiger.

Negotiate your way to fair pay