PrudeTube’s Next Victim: Dancehall Vixen Jenny Kendrick

Google should change the name of its newest acquisition to PrudeTube (Video possibly NSFW).

The YouTube user experience continues to downgrade with the removal of a 19yr old’s solo dancehall videos.

Though no naughty bits showed, the Jenny Kendrick’s cocking buttocks and swaying legs proved too much for YouTube users. They flagged the videos as inappropriate so many times, Jenny’s account and videos were removed.

Perhaps YouTube needs an electoral college system?

Indeed, the power of the maddening crowds can create many things, but they can also trample destroy the most precious flowers.

If young women want to degrade themselves for countless millions, let them.

Jenny Kendrick: Too Hot For YouTube? [Fleshbot]


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  1. BenP says:

    I don’t think this was risque content related. The music bed is clearly a song that would require copyright clearance. How about DRMTube instead of PrudeTube?

  2. WMeredith says:

    The thought that that video may have pulled for content has me laughing in my Kleenex considering the wealth of hardcore porn that is available on line for free.

  3. mechanismatic says:

    Maybe it was flagged as fashionably inappropriate because the overall straps around her legs are very annoying to watch.