The Cleanest of the Clean

There are lots of cleaning products out there, but which ones actually clean? Here’s a list of seven cleaning products that Good Housekeeping magazine claims really get the job done:

The iRobot ScoobaThe Scooba first picks up dirt; then it washes the floor with water and a Clorox cleaner; finally, it squeegees and dries the floor.
• The Good Housekeeping Research Institute says that crayon on walls, scuffs on floors and even dried-out refrigerator spills wipe up easily with the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser Duo, and The Consumerist agrees.
• The Woolite Podis a handy, hand-held carpet-cleaning tool that’s about the size of a computer mouse.
• We reserve reservations about Good Housekeeping’s endorsement of the Grease Bullet, because we’ve heard nothing about it….except how big of a scam it is. At $1 a tablet, it should work just like it does on TV. Unfortunately, it doesn’t.