Get A Free Chipotle Burrito By Dressing Like One

Dress like a burrito today and get a free burrito at… Chipotle. You can also show up as a taco, “bol,” or a salad.

We’re not sure that every location is participating, but one assumes that if you act insane enough, they’ll at least throw a burrito at you.

Let us know how that works out.


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  1. Cheating because I already posted this on Deadspin last night, but this guy is set –

  2. Ran Kailie says:

    Mmmm free tasty food, I have tin foil!

  3. trixare4kids says:

    Mm mmm.. oh NO, I KNOW you ain’t trying to come at me with no cheap ass damn burrito. I am a “high class” consumer whore and I SURE ain’t nobody’s HO for no damn burrito. And it don’t even come with a drink, now don’t that beat all? Nah, Chiplote, git on now with your cheap ass self and holla back when you got some real to offer me. Don’t you know Benjamins are a girl’s best friend? Mm.. the nerve.

  4. lpranal says:

    a refigerator box, a little padding, a trip down the foil aisle at sam’s club and you are SET!

  5. All locations participate, they’re all company owned. And it works, I’ve done it in the past when offered. Simply wrapping part of yourself in tinfoil works.

    I remember a few years back they had an unadvertised promo where you got a free burrito if you sang the “Burrito Lady” song to one of the female employees. Good times.

  6. formergr says:

    They’ve had some great promos here in Chicago at least. On Tax Day if you filled in a fake tax form they had there in the restaurant, you got a free burrito. I remember a couple of years in a row they also did a College Sweatshirt Day (I think at the beginning of football season), where you just had to wear said item to the restaurant and you got a free burrito…

  7. any such name says:

    won’t it cost more to buy the foil to cover yourself in than just pony up the $5-6 for the burrito?

  8. Triteon says:

    Blech, Chipolte is just another fine McDonald’s Corporation subsidiary. Ain’t worth it.

  9. Its a long way from McDonalds food though… all natural, organic ingredients vs. plastic. Now if they would just put one in Savannah.

  10. Jeff says:

    @Triteon: McDonald’s doesn’t own them anymore.

    @Anyone entertaining the idea of getting a free burrito my means of this method. A little math: (Cost of supplies to pull off reasonable outfit) + (relative cost of effort) + (Cost of getting a store full of “man, that guy is a retard” looks) > Cost of Burrito.

  11. Triteon says:

    Ah…Jeff, you’re right. I see that happened just his month. Thanks for the correction.

  12. pacifistviking says:

    I’m willing to bet that if I wrap my nose in tinfoil, they’ll give me the burrito, and the cost of a single square inch of tinfoil will be significantly less than the burrito. And since I’m willing to go try get a free burrito, I don’t have any pride left that I’m concerned about damaging.

  13. ElleAswell says:

    Chipotles in college towns seem to come up with free food promotions fairly often. Not sure if yours is running a deal? You can tell by the giant line of people snaking within and beyond the doors.

    I must admit, I have nuthin but lovin for Chipotle. My first time there a manager overheard me say to a friend that it was my first time, and he gave me my order on the house. Between that and the local/organic sourcing, it’s high on my list of good companies.

  14. RegularGonzalez says:

    Chipotle is easly one of the most generous of these types of restaurants. I remember managers giving away free burritos to people who said it was they’re first time at the restaurant. They used to give away free burritos on 4/20, and they also gave college kids free drinks with their burrito. Cheers to chiptole.

  15. spanky says:

    My favorite Chipotle promotion was if you went in on Groundhog Day, and saved your receipt, they’d give you the same order the next day.

    I [heart] Chipotle. I used to go to the original one before they started expanding, so they’re my homies.

  16. nick says:

    I crave Chipotle more times a week than I’d care to admit. However, the only thing I love more than the food are the owners.

    One time I was in a Chipotle talking with my girlfriend about The Beatles. The manager overheard our conversation at the register, and after “quizzing” us about the best-selling Beatles album of all-time (“The White Album”), he gave us our order on the house.

    Chipotle, I love you.

  17. misskaz says:

    Chipotle is ok. Freebirds is much, much better. Too bad they’re only in select Texas cities and I don’t live in Texas anymore.

  18. Meg Marco says:

    I just want to report that I got a free burrito by putting one sheet of tin foil on my head. Free drink, too.

  19. Qdoba is much better.

  20. E-Bell says:

    “They used to give away free burritos on 4/20…”

    Why would they give burritos away on Hitler’s birthday? Are they Nazis?

  21. O RLY? says:

    4/20 for getting high, not for Hitler. you’re missing out on youth culture here