The Devil Is In The Fine Print

Viacom workers have to agree that Viacom owns anything they ever make in the “universe,” in, “perpetuity.” Use of the Yahoo! Toolbar expressly prohibits use of the technology to operate nuclear facilities.

Inane end-user-license agreements and waivers such as these are put in the stockades on a new blog, The Small Print Project. The blog is run by Cory Doctorow student Andy Sternberg, the a Master’s Candidate at USC’s Online Journalism program.

As might be expected, The Small Print Project is more about crippleware and not so much about signing your life over in waiver form when you go horseback riding.

Cory tells us Andy is, “…collecting readers’ horror stories about end-user license agreements and terms of service, creating a deep public record of an abusive practice that’s metastasizing.”

The site welcomes your submissions.

The Small Print Project