Monday Morning Readers Round-Up

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It's Monday, and that means it's time to spin the Consumerist faucet for a fresh influx of tips again.

It’s Monday, and that means it’s time to spin the Consumerist faucet for a fresh influx of tips again.

Last week, a good quarter of our stories came from reader submissions. They’re invaluable to us, running this site. We can’t be everywhere at once; we can’t extend pineal gland and beam your story directly into our own heads. We need you to tell us.

So if you’ve got a tip, a commendation, a complaint, mail ’em in. We’re only interested in stuff that happens in America: sorry! Also, keep in mind that this site aims to go into a more Lifehackery direction, with more stories on how to play the system. So if you’ve got such a tip or have a question in response to which you’d like us to give some advice, hit us with them. Has any of our past advice just been plain out wrong? Tell us that too.

Last weeks reader-submitted stories, after the jump.

JetBlue Tests Pilot Fatigue Limits, With Passengers Aboard
Garden Guy Homophobia Applauded By Area Newspaper
Ask The Consumerists: Can Hyundai Drive Over My Warranty?
The Consumer Ethicist: Stop The Telemarketers!
Western Union Makes Cash-Broke Ex Play The Waiting Game
The Heifer Project: Not BS
Macy’s Sweeps Stolen Carpet Under The Rug
Best Buy Canada: Still A Bunch Of Bozos
Joey The Customer Service Rep’s Guide To Online Shopping
Garden Guy Refuses To Work For Gays
Get A Human Quicker By Pretending To Speak Spanish
HOWTO: Get A Live Best Buy Human On The Phone
It’s A Matter Of Degree. Of Bullpoopy
DirecTV Is A Bird Turd
Ask The Consumerists: Wood Filler In Coffee?
AOL To Close 3 Retention Centers
Call Centers Go Emo
A Swell Experience With Republic of Tea
Audio: Sprint Waives Activation Fee If You Ask Nicely
No, Dell Ain’t Charging For Replacement Batteries
Dell Charging Users For Recalled Exploding Laptop Batteries?
Tape On Your Wet Cellphone Won’t Help You At All
Sprint Encourages Its Retail Stores To Lie
McDonald’s Unleases Spyware On Japan
Consumerist T-Shirt Prototype Unveiled
Update: Tresemme Color Thrive Conditioner And The Really Bad Hair Day
At Least Sam Walton Got Bandaids
Is Your Water Meter Crazy?
Dental Insurance Is A Blue Cross To Bear
Dell Curse-Laden Answering Machine Message

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