No, Dell Ain’t Charging For Replacement Batteries

Contrary to the vituperations of Lowell G, Dell is not charging people for swapping out their exploding batteries.

Rather, Dell auto-generates what appears to be an invoice, but is actually just part of their internal documentation system. An email Dell sent reader Andy, who also participated in the battery replacement program, explains:

Separately, you may receive what appears to be an invoice for your replacement battery. Please disregard this document which was automatically generated by the tool for standard replacement parts. Batteries replaced as part of this recall are provided at no charge to you.

Although we would probably get a kick out of the video Lowell promised, it’s not necessary to blow up any of your computers in protest. Just toss that piece of paper in the trash and go back to building your twenty-foot potato cannon.

UPDATE: In our rush to correct ourselves, we forgot to mention something very important. Luckily, reader Thomas C. did it for us:

    “I’m sorry, but saying “ignore our emails that look like invoices because they’re automatically generated” is INCREDIBLY stupid. They’re automatically generated? Gosh. Then stop automatically fucking generating them. Fix your process, Dell! Quit confusing your customers. Quit putting the burden on them to figure this crap out for you and do your job for you. It’s YOUR job, not theirs. Jesus.”