You Deserve Better Than A 1% Cashback Card

Ok, so it’s pretty obvious that when picking a rewards card, you want one that gives you beer money, not free toasters. A toaster is a depreciating asset, which are for rappers, not smart persons like yourself.

So which cashback card do you pick? Many offer 1% of your total purchase amount as cashback, but My Money Blog recommends the Fidelity Investment Card with its 1.5% cashback equivalency.

To get that extra cash, you’ll need to take a few extra steps.

Every dollar spent equals 1 point. 5,000 points equals a $75 deposit into a Fidelity account.

If you don’t feel like parking your cash in a Fidelity account, there’s no fee for transferring out the cash into your back account and keeping the Fidelity balance at zero. If you don’t have a Fidelity account, you will need to make an initial $2500 deposit to open one, but you can withdraw it right after.

It won’t mind, it’s only a bank account.

Why You Shouldn’t Settle For a 1% Cashback Credit Card [MyMoneyBlog]

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