The Colonel Sanders Stamp of Approval

In 1975, Kentucky Fried Chicken sued its founder and mascot Colonel Sanders for libel after he called KFC’s gravy “sludge” and labeled their mashed potatoes “wallpaper paste.” We really had no idea the Colonel was so cool.

31 years later, KFC has turned the Colonel into a strutting, jive-talking cartoon character who does commercials in which he flashes the viewer the devil horns. And they now want to put the Colonel on a U.S. postal stamp.

“The Colonel’s entrepreneurial spirit and hospitable nature made him an American legend,” said James O’Reilly, interim Chief Marketing Officer for KFC. “We believe that a postage stamp in his honor would be a fitting tribute to his memory.”

Perhaps he could be featured on the stamp up to his knees in feculent sludge, slathering the contents of a cup of mashed potatoes up upon the wall.

KFC wants the Colonel on a stamp [Fast Food News]

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