Dumpsterdive Like A Pro

There’s nothing cheaper than free and there’s nothing more free than trash. And like the saying goes, one man’s trash is another’s totally sweet HeMan metal lunchbox.

Wikihow, which we just became addicted to this week, offers up a few tips on scrounging for useful items in humanity’s refuse piles.

• Overcome the icky factor.
• Dive with a buddy.
• Bring a poking stick.
• Bring a flashlight.
• Bring a bag.
• Beware of broken glass.
• Avoid food-oriented dumpsters.
• Some places to look behind: book stores, electronic stores, department stores, apartments, toy stores.

Of course, the most important thing to bring along is an active imagination.

You can find food, clothing, magazines, art-project materials, electronics…really, whatever anyone might throw out. There’s some people called Freegans and they only eat food they get from dumpsters. And they’re still alive.

You don’t have to be homeless to dig through trash. Artists, entertainment/cash starved youth, or anyone looking for a different way to save money can benefit.

Have you ever dumpster dived? What advice do you offer for garbage mongers?

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