Consumerist Ask Metafilter Round-Up

• How does copyright work when the material is in a library? [Link]

• Where can I buy an imitation leather men’s jacket that doesn’t look stupid? [Link]

• Have you CANCELLED your 1and1 account successfully (by success I mean they stopped charging you and they released the domains registered through them)? If so, what steps did you follow?? I haven’t started the process yet — just researching right now — but I’ve read a lot of 1and 1 cancellation horror stories here and elsewhere. [Link]

• How can I fix my clawfoot-forced-shower’s complete lack of water pressure? [Link]

• Someone’s signing up for internet accounts using my Yahoo email address. Help! [Link]

• I am expecting two UPS packages, and I have no way to sign for them. [Link]

• T-Mobile has eaten away at my soul. What can I do now, if anything? [Link]


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  1. Elliot says:

    About 1 & 1, yah, they are the pits. After you sign up and try to upload your site you finally find out what their game is. The upload proceedure for my friend’s site had so many settings, that it was impossible to deal with the process. The upshot is that you are paying for something you can not use. After a month of e-mails, what is the problem, how do I fix this or that, etc., I gave up, the credit card payments were stopped and now he gets collection notices from them. When I had a site, it was just one call to verify the upload code or something, and within 24 hours of initial payment, the sit was up. 1 & 1 is heavily promoted in major computer magazines, the fact that they would take advertising for a rip off company is another part of the problem.


  2. claussen says:

    01/10/2008 and the situaton with 1and1 is has not gotten any better. Boy do I wish I had found Elliot’s advice BEFORE I signed up with 1and1. Save yourself the pain.