Consumerist Ask Metafilter Round-Up

• How does copyright work when the material is in a library? [Link]

• Where can I buy an imitation leather men’s jacket that doesn’t look stupid? [Link]

• Have you CANCELLED your 1and1 account successfully (by success I mean they stopped charging you and they released the domains registered through them)? If so, what steps did you follow?? I haven’t started the process yet — just researching right now — but I’ve read a lot of 1and 1 cancellation horror stories here and elsewhere. [Link]

• How can I fix my clawfoot-forced-shower’s complete lack of water pressure? [Link]

• Someone’s signing up for internet accounts using my Yahoo email address. Help! [Link]

• I am expecting two UPS packages, and I have no way to sign for them. [Link]

• T-Mobile has eaten away at my soul. What can I do now, if anything? [Link]