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Here are most of the videos and audio mentioned in tonight’s show:

Sleepy Comcast Guy
Vincent’s AOL Call
Soldier vs. HP printer
QVC Ladder Falls Down
911 Fix My Burger King Order
911, “Do you want us to shoot her?”
iPod’s Dirty Secret
GE Water Cooler Stinks

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  1. annulla says:

    I’m watching 20/20 right now. How could you tell? You guys really ARE clever!

  2. kasaka says:

    I’m looking at the broadcast on 20/20 right now and it’s good! However, what gets me, is that the corporations end up firing the innocents, that are featured in the video’s. It seems to me that they are victims just as much.

  3. christie_scott says:

    Right on for sticking up for the little guy!
    We have been given the run around by Blockbuster.com for months and until now felt really helpless. The service in the store when we tried to use our on-line coupons was horrible. The sales lead yelled at us when we wanted to use
    our coupon for a video game and pay cash for our movie rental in two separate transactions. Something not unheard of in their business. When we contacted Blockbuster.com, they told us to call the store. Then the store didn’t return our phone calls. Now, we’re getting coupons every month that we can’t use because we refuse to go to the store and let a rude girl in a dirty store defame us. But the corporation just re-routes our emails to another department.

    Work with me… I only wanted to use my coupon for the more expensive purchase! I even offered to put my movie back on the shelf and she told me that I could, but that I still had to pay full price for my game and that she was voiding my coupon. Come on! I think the CSR who was ringing me up was about to cry because he felt so bad for me.
    I want everyone to know what a horrible experience we had at the Blockbuster store on L Street in South Omaha and how we didn’t get so much as a free movie rental from corporate.

    You’re service is awesome for giving a voice to the consumer!

  4. christie_scott says:

    Capital One Visa screwed up my credit and now they’re harrassing me!

    I have a lot of debt and I’ve been trying really hard to clean up my credit record. I contracted a company called CCC to help me manage my debt. I only a couple hundred left on my Capital One Visa and told them I wanted to pay it off. Capital One gave them a payoff amount and I proceeded to pay it. A month later I got a statement from Captial One that I owed $30. I thought it was a mistake, then I got a statement that I owed $60! So, I called CCC, angry that I paid off my bill and still getting statements. All they said was that it was in my best interest to pay it. But I’m not paying it because it isn’t fair… I paid off my credit card and they can write their finance charges off. I tried calling them and got a recording — several times. Now my bill is over $125. They call me 4 times a day with recorded messages. Since this started almost 4 months ago, I now have logged 181 phone calls from them. They’ve even called at 3:00am! When I call the number on the recorded message, no one answers. Figures! They don’t want to talk to me, they just want to harrass me until I pay my bill.

    I recently purchased a new car and they had a hard time getting a loan for me because the Capital One card had taken so many points off my credit record. Now I’m getting solicitations from Capital One for car loans! They ask, “What’s in your wallet?” I’d like to know if they buy into their own line of bull…What’s in their wallet?

  5. Kat says:

    Hmm, Popken’s kinda hot.

  6. marge says:

    oh boy ben! you’re ‘famous’ now!
    i didn’t watch you on 20/20, unfortunately. i certainly hope john asked you to give him a break.

  7. North of 49 says:

    Still waiting for the show on the Wet Coast. We’re sick of seeing consumers get it in the end because businesses are only in it for the money, not for the customers. Keeping a customer is easy. Pissing one off is easy. Getting a replacement costs money. Don’t ever forget that.

  8. RumorsDaily says:

    When’s the video going to be on youtube?

    Funny sidenote, here’s a link to the third page of the text version of the ABC story. It has the following paragraph:

    So he and his filmmaker brother made a video that showed Neistat stenciling iPods irreplaceable battery last only 18 months on top of iPod ads around New York City, paired with the music track of Northwest Airline‘s Express Yourself.

    They filtered NWA to always appear as Northwest Airlines… Oops.

  9. Ben Popken says:

    YouTube hopefully before the end of the weekend. Worst-case scenario, Monday afternoon.

  10. Jakob Lodwick says:

    Ben, way to rep the site, and to stand up for my water cool complaint!

    “Funny becomes first” is my new motto.

  11. Triteon says:

    Thanks for posting the video! Try as I may, the guys at the bar wouldn’t let me change the channel away from the playoffs to watch 20/20.
    Ingen, I thought that was the Northwest Airlines theme song…??