Become A Consumerist Commenter

There’s two ways to get in The Consumerist cool school, tryouts and raising your hand.

Find out how they work, inside.

Raise your hand . Email the editors at tips at Just be natural and state your case. If your request seems reasonable, we’ll probably shoot you a login. If we suspect you of “trying too hard,” we may not be so kind.

Try outs. Click “comment on this post.” Type in a demo comment in the box at the bottom of the page, along with your desired user name and password. Click login. The page will refresh, say, “login failed” and two new boxes will appear. They ask you type your password in again, along with your email address. Fill ’em out. Click “submit comment.” Wait.

Your comment then shoots to our team for approval. If they like what they see, that comment and all future comments are approved. If not, that’s okay, try again some other time.

To win approval, you must stand out with excellent commentary. Bring well-developed insight to the conversation. Consider drafting your remarks in a word processing program. Use spell-check.

This is your audition. Bring your best material.