Yellow Lines Painted Under Parked Car To Give A Ticket

You manage to find that perfect parking spot, the road completely unmarked, no signs around anywhere. You happily jump out of your car, glowing with the smug self-satisfaction that can only come from getting one over on City Hall.

Of course, if you’re Nasser Khan, your triumph is short-lived because while you’re away, City Hall cheats. In Khan’s case, a bunch of workmen came along and hand painted a “no parking” marker underneath his car, all while a meter maid stood by, just twitching to write out the ticket.

Not only was he nailed with a ticket, but the vehicle that paints those lines on the road actually destroyed his car’s tires by painting them up to his bumper. Khan ended up getting the ticket revoked, but City Hall isn’t budging on the tires.

Ticket after lines painted under parked car [iTV]

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