Customize Your Crocs With A Crock

How can we make Crocs more fugly? Enter Jibbitz, colored plastic gemstones you stuff in your Croc holes.

Wearing Crocs boldly shouts, “I’m simultaneously unique and trendy.” Likewise, sporting Jibbitz declares unbridledly, “I have optical cancer, and I want to give it to you.”

Jibbitz Official Website. (Thanks to Brandon!)

For bonus fun, set your volume on “stun” and run the cursor repeatedly over the logo.


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  1. jb says:

    New favorite phrase: Stuff in your Croc holes.

  2. amazon says:

    Truly, when I first saw these hideous monstrosities, I thought they were so completely ugly that they could only be sold in Québec.

    Then I found out they are sold and people actually buy them in other provinces too.

    Now this.

    I am ashamed of humanity.
    (stuff that in your croc hole)

  3. kerry says:

    I still don’t understand how these shoes are suddenly so hot. I’ve seen them for ages around the hospital where I work, they seem to be especially popular with the surgical staff, but why would someone wear them in public? I like me some gaudy (so I think the rhinestones are kind of cute), but big, brightly-colored rubber clogs? I’m totally lost on this one.

  4. Yaotl says:

    Aesthetics notwithstanding, but don’t the holes serve some purpose? The damn things are made of plastic so they aren’t breathable on their own, stuffing up the croc holes just seems like a stupid idea.

    That said, someone should make a goth version with spikes and/or little skulls.

  5. An annoucement was made today that Jibbitz was being bought by Crocs:

  6. Fancy Pants says:

    According to the manager of the shoe store I worked for in college, Crocs are pretty much the worst products ever to sell because of how badly they treat their dealers. Apparently the only orders they will fill 100% are those over 1000 pairs. For smaller orders, they ship when the order reaches 60% (or 70%, I can’t remember exactly), and you never get the rest of your order.

  7. jgkelley says:

    Crocs are huge in the hospital crowd, from what I understand, because they are lightweight, comfortable, and can easily be wiped down after drop disease-infested drop of blood from the latest back-alley gunshot wound victim rolls off the table and conveniently splatters onto the surgical teams’ fugly shoes. Or so my hip young heart-surgery team wife tells me.

  8. Mr. Gunn says:

    I got a pair(and how!) a while back, and they’re almost all I’ve worn since.

    Things I like:
    you can just take them off and rinse them under the faucet
    it feels more like being barefoot

    I don’t like the ones with the holes in the top, though.

  9. kerry says:

    – that explains why my local shoe store suddenly went from being croc-free to being 99% crocs. Guess they wanted to fill that 1000 pair order. Also explains the croc kiosk in my local mall.

    – Oh, I totally get why OR folks like them, they seem much more washable and comfortable than the solid plastic nursing clogs people used to wear, I just don’t get who would venture out into the world in them. It’s not like bodies and blood are a big hazard at Macy’s.

  10. Lyn Never says:

    It gets so hot inside those shoes – even without the holes stuffed – that I do not understand how anyone not living on tundra can bear to wear them for more than a few minutes. I thought they’d at least be good for watering the yard or going out in the rain, but without socks they become terrifyingly slippery inside as soon as they get wet.

  11. homerjay says:

    When I see a piece of clothing so trendy like this I always think, “What is this going to look like in pictures 15 years from now?”

    Then I don’t buy them.

  12. OnoSideboard says:

    Meh. Those are ugly, but what about the Jesus sandal?

  13. lorisong says:

    Crox! I too thought there would be no way ever, that i would buy, wear, or gift such an ugly thing.
    THEN my knee started with shooting pain, i could not take the stairs, ( i am in great shape), So at REI, i gave in and got some in a dark green, (less offensive looking) and I swear on my keens, that my knee is improved and the crocs are one of the most comfy things i have ever put on my feet. I won’t be decorating them for sure.
    I am in the high end of the music biz, and thought, can i wear these to meet with the big guys?
    I don’t give a Rats butt, I am doing it, they look funny with a 1000. biz suit but man – i feel so great walking in them.