Crocs Brand Honors David Bowie In Least Fashionable Way Possible

This afternoon, someone who does social media for the shoe brand Crocs had an amazing idea. What if they joined the rest of the internet in remembering musician and all-around starman David Bowie publicly on Twitter? What if they took one of his famous makeup looks and applied it to a white Crocs shoe? Yes, this is a thing that actually happened.

Whether it’s the death of an almost universally respected celebrity or the anniversary of an historic event, brands always want to hop on the Twitter trend train to visibility-town. At least in this case, the person behind the tweet was actually aware of who David Bowie was and tried to be on topic, but ended up making what looks like a very orthopedic Gatorade ad.

The original tweet has been taken down, but multiple users preserved it for posterity in screen grab form.

There, there, readers, it’ll all be okay. Here’s a rather video that serves as an aesthetic counterpoint to Crocs to soothe your eyes and soul.

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