Continental’s In-flight Headphones Make Ears Bleed

51-year-old Vanessa Saunder is suing Continental Airlines after defective in-flight headphones blew out her hearing. She says that mid-flight,

    “There was a lot of static and all of a sudden there was one huge ‘Bang!'”

    “I threw [the headphones] off and screamed. My ears started to bleed. It blew out everyone’s headsets in my row.”

The stewardesses gave her a Scotch. Now Saunder says she needs new $9,000 hearing aids and her life sucks.

    “People tell me I shout at them. And when I watch television, for my family it is a nightmare because I have it so loud.”

For the pleasure of blood shooting out her lobes, Saunder paid Continental a $5 headphone rental fee.

Inflight film made her ears really pop” [NYDN]

(Thanks to c-side!)