Joins The 19th Century has sagely decided to stop requiring you to send a telegram to cancel your subscription.




Fine work, fellows. Expect an official letter of congratulations arriving at your offices shortly by Pony Express.

(Canceling) sucks no more!” [GoffSpot]


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  1. homerjay says:

    Is it even possible to send a telegram anymore?

  2. chemman says:

    What do the instructions on the resignation page say? When I signed up for a Real Networks account it said the same thing, I figured I could cancel with no hassles. When I went to cancel a month later the resignation page stated to call a 1-800 number where they made you turn down about 6 offers before finally cancelling the account. Not nearly as bad as telegram but still a pain! If I can join online, I should be able to cancel online.

  3. PsychicPsycho3 says:

    I think they just recently stopped telegram service altogether. I wonder how long it took between the end of telegrams and the change in policy.

  4. Antediluvian says:

    Hey, hey, wait a second here. This is a blantantly anti-consumer move if ever there was one. has now reduced the number of methods available to cancel your account.

    Sure, the telegram option was probably not all that popular, and certainly not all that easy*, but it was an option.

    Now, if you send a telegram, doesn’t have to cancel your account. They can just stand at the door and say “you’re delivering a what?”

  5. AcidReign says:

    …..My parents sent a telegram back home the day after I was born. (My dad was stationed at Carswell in Ft. Worth.) I still have it in my baby book. Ike was President. I don’t think I’ve seen such a thing since! I read recently where Western Union has quit dealing with telegrams. Does anyone still do them?

  6. Melsky says:

    Why Pony Express? Is your carrier pidgeon sick?

    It costs minimum of 15 bucks to send a telegram. This kind of stuff makes me happy that I was already married before the internet took off.

  7. Melsky says:

    If you google “send telegram” you can find some companies that still do it.

  8. bambino says:

    Good, now if only Gold’s Gym would stop requiring the same thing (a letter, not a telegram) to cancel. Total insanity.