Special K Diet Is Bullshit

Alright, we’ve sent Guest Blogger Meg Marco’s ass packing. But was that ass any less plump and spectacular after her two week Special K diet, in which she ate only one real meal and two bowls of Special K a day in order to drop a jean size?

Uh. No. “There is absolutely no change in my body. The diet was a complete and total failure.”

Worse yet, there were side effects!

    Several times during the “diet” my friends asked me if I was feeling ok. They urged me to get off the diet, saying that I didn’t look well, but I promised to do this. They told me to just eat something, but if I had then I couldn’t say with full confidence whether the diet worked or not. I felt light-headed going up the stairs to my apartment. On the 15th day, as I was working on a project for http://www.consumerist.com, I fainted. I had tea boiling in the other room, and by the time I woke up, it had all boiled away. I’m lucky I didn’t burn the house down.

We can personally confirm that Meg passed out, because it took her forever to get up her posts that day, the slacker.

Conclusion: Special K Challenge is Bullshit [MeghannMarco.com]

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