Target Targets Blogger

It seems our buddy Target Corp. doesn’t like it when bloggers post store policies on the Internets. Their rational response? Duh, lawsuit.

Trouble is: They don’t know who the hell they are suing. Target has asked for the help of AOL, Microsoft and Yahoo, INC in searching for “John Doe,” an unknown blogger believed to live in Georgia.

“John” shared Target’s loss-prevention policies (sent to him by an unknown Target employee) on several websites including and uses the screenname “Target Sucks.” What did “Target Sucks” have to say about Target’s lawsuit?

    “I didn’t sign any confidentiality agreement with them and really don’t give a rat’s ass if they like it or not.”

The real test will come not from the results of the lawsuit, but from the response of Microsoft, AOL, and Yahoo, INC. When a big box store comes calling about a user who allegedly violated their confidentiality policy &mdash which company will refuse to violate theirs?

Then again, if Target waits around long enough, AOL might just accidentally post “John’s” search queries. Anyone searching for “pecans” and “I fucking hate target” … ?

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