J.K. Rowling’s Airport Voodoo That She’ll Do Do

Thanks to some schmoozing at the airport — or perhaps black magic spells cast on TSA agents — the next Harry Potter manuscript is safe.

National security may have been compromised, and protocols were ignored, but millions of obsessive fans will breathe easier, knowing that author J.K. Rowling was allowed to bring her manuscript on board her flight to London. This was back in the heady days of the complete prohibition on carry-on luggage to and from the UK.

    Had security agents not relented, she said on her website, she might not have flown, she said in a posting dated Wednesday. “I don’t know what I would have done if they hadn’t — sailed home probably,” she wrote.

As long as she doesn’t sail with Carnival, that is…

Rowling says she won argument with U.S. airport security to take ‘Potter’ manuscript aboard [USA Today]

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