Toys R Us Hates Your Boobies

A Brooklyn mom is threatening a “nurse-in” at the flagship Times Square Toys R Us store after being given the run-around by “security” while publicly breastfeeding her oh-so-stylishly coiffed baby, Mason, seen here.

Upon careful reading of the news story, it seems the milker was sitting next to her stroller while breastfeeding, when Toys R Us employees interrupted and attempted to move her to the basement of the building.

Did Toys R Us really ask her to leave the sales floor? Is the woman just trying to drum up business for her mom’s organization, La Leche League? Isn’t La Leche just a nickname for Lindsay Lohan?

Oh well, it doesn’t matter. According to New York law,

“a mother may breastfeed her baby in any location, public or private, where the mother is otherwise authorized to be, irrespective of whether or not the nipple of the mother’s breast is covered during or incidental to the breast feeding.”

What this means is that the woman could have sat in the middle of the Lego aisle trying to see how far she could squirt and still hit the kid’s mouth, and there’s not a damn thing Toys R Us can do about it.

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  1. ‘Irrespective’ sounds funny. Like ‘irregardless’. At least irrespective is a proper word.

  2. etinterrapax says:

    Sigh. I cannot lactate for distance. I’m so inadequate.

    I could lose friends for saying so publicly, but I find en masse nursing as a political act rather tiresome. Along with the implicit accusation that I must be ashamed of nursing if I’m not participating or endorsing participation. Our society is so fucked up with the confusion of modesty and privacy with shame.

    But I’m really talking about me, now, not her. As far as she’s concerned, inviting Toys R Us to abide by New York law is one thing, and that’s her right, but a nurse-in is still annoying to me, and I wish she wouldn’t. Doing things because you can and ought to be able to is fine. Doing things to tweak other people only makes the situation worse.

  3. AppTechie says:

    I think it is sad that they actually had to write, introduce, and vote on a law for breast feeding :(

  4. Kangarara says:

    My understanding is that the La Leche League are boobie-nazis. They’ll actually humiliate and harass women who don’t breastfeed, and they advocate breastfeeding until age 5 or so (sorry, but when the kid can ask for it, it’s off the teat).

    Just based on that, the credibility is called into question from my (limited) POV.

  5. The_Truth says:

    We need more boobies in large retail chains.

    The world would be a better place.

  6. Smoking Pope says:

    I think that idea about the LEGO aisle is fantastic. Any takers? Make sure to get video.

  7. AcidReign says:

    …..To me, you have a choice in that situation. A nursing baby is a quiet baby. That trumps any decency arguments!

  8. LafinJack says:

    When a woman reserves the right to breastfeed in public, I reserve the right to stare.

  9. Anonymously says:

    Just tell the woman she’s no longer authorized to be your store and to never come back.

  10. amazon says:

    etinterrapax: I agree.

  11. Demingite says:

    I’m glad to hear of that New York law. Nursing is a very important activity. Our society would be better off, now and in the future, if breastfeeding were encouraged, and we got over our ridiculous freakiness about exposed breasts.

  12. Ass_Cobra says:

    There was a lactation room in my old work. I hated that room because it used to be the foosball room. This is why I support longer maternity leaves.

  13. Mary Marsala with Fries says:

    Makes me wish I was still nursing — not that I have any desire to do it in a group or for protest, but I do SO love shrieking “Then call the cops, motherfucker! I’ll see you in court!” in semi-public places. (Though I live in Michigan, which is hardly liberal, and I never got the slightest bit of crap from anybody for it…go figure.)

    And though yeah, I would consider a bunch of nursing women in one place aggravating (or silly), I can see doing it as revenge on Toys-R-Us, and to make a point. Get it so they have a legitimate desire to remove you, so you can rub their faces in the fact that they can’t, and teach them a lesson about trying. You want to mess with one of us? Mess with ALL of us, jerkweed. *squirt* ::aim for the eyes!::

  14. iota says:

    Well I know I wouldn’t want to take my (non-existent) kids to Toys-R-Us only to have them walk in the store and see some lady whip out her boobs right in front of them cuz junior can’t wait for his midday snack.

    Which, ironically, is exactly what has happened to a number of kids in the very busy LEGO store I work in. One lady was workin double time, feeding two kids at once, while sitting at a LEGO play table long after the store was supposed to be closed.

    There’s nothing wrong with breast feeding, in fact I think it should be encouraged. But there’s a little thing called common courtesy.

  15. isla says:

    Breastfeeding is an important acitvity that should not be limited by people’s puritanical issues with seeing a baby do something totally natural. It alarms me how misunderstood nursing is and misconceptions surrounding it (like La Leche as “boob-nazis”? Offensive and a commonly held and widely disputed myth.) I see more breasts walking down 2nd Ave. than I ever will by a bunch of mothers nursing their children. Nipple exposed in magazine–art. The small, sliver of a nipple one might glimpse in the 2 seconds it takes for the baby to start eating–obscene? You have got to be kidding me. A progressive society we are not.

    iota: Your future kids will see plenty of breasts on TV, in magazines, on the streets, on billboards, I would not be worried about the one they may see nourishing and sustaining a child.

    Here is some advice–if you don’t like it, stop looking.

    As for common courtesy? Treat these mothers with respect inside of criminals or second class citizens.

  16. AcidReign says:

    …..I have to say: your kid seeing a tit of a nursing woman, ain’t gonna “damage” them. “She’s feeding the baby.” “Oh. Cool.” No big deal.

    …..Teach your kid to take what comes in public. There are a LOT of worse things to see.

  17. “like La Leche as “boob-nazis”?”

    There’s a few in the organization. Knew a mom who was hooked up with a La Leche lactation consultant who was a TOTAL mammary nazi and heckled the poor new mom shamelessly. Mom wasn’t producing enough milk. Lactation nazi claimed this was because mom was a bad mother who had too much “shame” about nursing and didn’t really “want” to nurse and therefore didn’t love her baby.

    Child ended up at the pediatrician for “failure to thrive.” Licensed medical doctor demanded, “WHY IS THIS CHILD NOT BEING FORMULA SUPPLEMENTED?” Cowed mother said, “Lactation consultant told me not to, she said the milk would come in and that formula will make my baby sick, give him asthma, and lower his IQ!” (Consultant apparently failed to mention that malnutrition and starvation aren’t great for babies either.)

    Smallish town; the mammary nazi consultant told everyone what an evil nasty unloving mother the new mom was (for following doctor’s orders to supplement with formula WHILE STILL BREASTFEEDING rather than crazy medically-moronic consultant’s orders to never get near evil formula) and new mom ended up a social outcast thanks to the loving intervention of her consultant.

    Obviously – or at least I hope it’s obvious – this was one crazy and ignorant bitch on a power trip, not the position of La Leche League, which does TONS of good work for the health of babies and the sanity of mothers. But there’s definitely ROOM in La Leche League for that kind of extremism that insists on “One Right Way” and gets fanatical about it, even when it’s detrimental to the baby. I’ve seen more than a few folks claiming to be with La Leche accosting bottle-feeding mothers in malls. How do they know those bottles aren’t pumped breast milk? How do they know that baby isn’t adopted? How do they know mom doesn’t have a painful and embarassing medical condition that prevents her from breastfeeding? HOW IS IT THEIR BUSINESS TO ACCOST A STRANGER IN A MALL?

    I’ve found that whether your local La Leche League is supportive or fanatical seems to depend a lot on the attitude of the local organizers. As with anything else, I suppose.

    (My local here, by the way, is spectacular. Everyone I know who’s worked with them says their consultants are kind, well-educated, supportive, and work closely with local health authorities. They’re beating the streets (not just talking about it) for infant health in poor neighborhoods locally. They educate about the law (breastfeeding can be done anywhere in my state) in a proactive, productive way. My last local was UTTERLY. CRAZY. Mostly they harrassed random women in shopping centers and flung boobs around to offend people. They went to an awful lot of protests, but they oddly had very little time for women who weren’t upper middle class professionals with health insurance and English fluency.)

    Sorry for the novel. I just had to get that off my *cough* chest. I don’t buy LLL’s total philosphical package, but I do generally think that – a few bad apples aside – they do great work.

    Also, I want to see Mary Marsala with Fries smackdown ignorant clerks. That would be worth actually paying for!

    I’d love to take a breastfeeding case. Talking that much about boobs in court would tickle me pink.

  18. isla says:

    As you mentioned, there is one obnoxious person for all the great ones. LLL helps lots of people. Just as you cannot judge anything based on one person, so you cannot judge LLL. Using that terminology is only further hurts LLL-ers, nursing mothers and mothers. It infuriates, is sensational and obnoxious. I am more concerned about the words used because most people (who incidentially know nothing of LLL and nursing) know one that about LLL–“boob nazis.” And I am sure there is much, much more (I am not affiliated or have attended a meeting though I do know many LLL members and leaders.) It is also extremely frustrating that woman are not helping each other (as seen in the story you related). A new mother needs support, nnot judgement and harrassment.

    Thankfully there are many other support options for nursing mothers–lactation consultations in hospitals, private consultants, API group and other local, small groups designed to be of some support.

    The real issue is the need for society to stop being sheeple, educate themselves on nursing and infant nurtrition, also coupled with a drastic shift in perspective, longer paid maternity leaves for everyone, better post-natal care and conditions designed to support the working mother.

  19. Morgan says:

    “Well I know I wouldn’t want to take my (non-existent) kids to Toys-R-Us only to have them walk in the store and see some lady whip out her boobs right in front of them cuz junior can’t wait for his midday snack.”
    iota, I really don’t understand your position on this. Even if you don’t want your future kids exposed to sexual things, which is an understandable position for a parent to take, breast feeding isn’t sexual. It’s something that they presumably will have done early on in life and that they may well have to deal with as adults later. Having them know it occurs and not have hang ups about it seems like a good idea to me.
    That, and expecting a baby to “wait for his midday snack” isn’t particularly reasonable. Babies don’t know how to delay gratification; if they’re hungry they don’t wait until a convinient time to get fed, they cry about it until someone feeds them. I agree with AcidReign that being exposed to breastfeeding in public is much better than being exposed to a screaming baby in public.