AudioEdit: Getting Five Starbucks

Inspired by our last post, we called Starbucks customer service (800-235-2883) and spoke with Meredith. After we complained about Starbucks pulling their iced coffee promotion, she agreed to mail us a $5 gift card. Yippy skippy.

According to Meredith, the free coupons had to be nulled because they were “tampered with.”

We also like how she refers twice refers to the coupon as a “surprise and delight.”

P.S. This is our first post using the Motionbox player. Like it? If you’re having problems viewing, you may need to upgrade to Flash 9 for free, here.


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  1. AppTechie says:

    It’s truly sad that we let them get away with charging 50 cents for a shot, and $3 for the milk to go with it…if you really added it up and included some profit…a latte should cost $1 not $3.

  2. TPIRman says:

    The MotionBox software worked well after a painless update to Flash 9. Seems that since you have that big video box there, it might be worthwhile to put a transcript up on the screen as the call progresses, just like they do on the teevee.

  3. AcidReign says:

    …..No problems with playback in Rednekland. Seriously, everyone needs to upgrade to the latest Flash 9. There’s a nasty trojan you can get from poisoned flash movies, if you don’t.

  4. MattyMatt says:

    I think that link goes to the download page for Flash 8 Pro, when it should actually go here.

  5. Shaggy says:

    Please don’t use Motionbox. I don’t think I’m the only Linux user who frequents this site (my wife is another), and Adobe doesn’t have a Linux Flash plugin higher than version 7. That means that your Linux readers can’t even USE anything based on Flash 8-9 (all I see is a big white box above).

  6. Shaggy is not the only linux user. I will not be able to view media on consumerist if I have to use flash 8 or 9.

    What’s wrong with just embedding a media file? Why don’t people do that anymore?

  7. Antediluvian says:

    Sometimes the embedding causes problems too — especially on Firefox — but so can using Flash. I like embedded content sometimes because I can save it and view it at higher resolution.

  8. steinwaytony says:

    The “motion” from the MotionBox really made that shameless leeching come alive.

  9. medalian1 says:

    Lets see if I can just email them and get a GC mailed to me.

  10. Hawkins says:

    I am another Linux user, out in the cold.

    But least I don’t get your nasty diseases.

  11. pie says:

    add deep tags!