Looks Like a Theme Park, Smells Like a Church

In a great leap forward for workers’ rights, but a disappointment to throngs of born-again tourists, management of the Holy Land Experience theme park in Orlando cancelled the daily crucifixion. “Park officials were apologetic but firm: None of their employees would hang on the cross during a lightning storm.”

Good for the Jesus impersonators, but the park has other problems. Thanks to some savvy lobbying, the park exempted itself from coughing up the shekels to the state of Florida by declaring itself to be a ministry.

Not everyone thinks this is kosher. The park, “a combination of the sacred and the profane,” sells all kinds of merchandise and food, including “Goliath burgers.” (Made of 100% grade A giant!)

Mmm… sacrilicious.

‘Holy Land’ park mixes faith, fun [Kansas City Star]

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